• UPDATE: MIKA Beijing Show Split in 2

    News just in: the MIKA concert happening tonight is set to change quite a bit.    UPDATE: MIKA Beijing Show Split in 2 We have been updated on changes to the MI... (More...)
  • New Rules for Departing with Dogs

    You may think you know all there is to taking Fido back to your home country, but the rules for relocating with your pups have changed once more. In addition to their us... (More...)
  • Poll Results: Getting Groomed

    Last week, we asked you how often or diligently you groom yourself. Here's what you had to say!   Poll Results: Getting Groomed   Casual Stylin' It looks like m... (More...)
  • [UPDATE] Muse in Beijing

    Heads up, kids: Muse is coming to Beijing this September!    Muse Comes To Beijing After the Supermassive Black Hole that was said to have engulfed the Beijing ... (More...)
  • Eat and Art for Nepal

    As recovery efforts and the process of rebuilding continue for Nepal after two earthquakes devastated the mountain nation, don't let the fast-moving news cycle stop you fro... (More...)
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Check Please: Taste of Dadong

Beijing Blogs   We found the baked, braised and roasted at Taste of Dadong.    Check  Please: Taste of Dadong   Get Roasted   Braised eggplant: One of Chef Dong’s signature dishes is a tower of nightshades, alternating eggplant with tomato. The braise renders...

Shopping: Juice

Beijing Blogs   One film, committed relationship, and fully clothed photo shoot at a time, Edison Chen is trying to reform his bad-boy reputation. Add “streetwear entrepreneur” to the list in the form of Juice, his venture with business partner Kevin Poon.    Shop...

Photos of the Week: Wangfujing

Beijing Blogs   In this week's Photos of the Week feature, we're taking a wander into Wangfujing.    Photos of the Week: Wangfujing     @blumaiden     @simply_heaven   @sinestausholm   @charliehoz     @isaackenz  ...

New Eats: San You Ding

Beijing Blogs   It’s a testament to creativity (perhaps inspired by the ubiquitous izakayas throughout Japanese urban centers that take space maximization to extraordinary levels) that San You Ding has as many private rooms as it does—three—in such a small space. It’s ...

Shopping: EQ:IQ

Beijing Blogs   Named for the interaction between emotional and intellectual quotients present in everyone, the garments from this French line come in soft silks and bright colors, and carry a whiff of Continental sophistication.    Shopping: EQ:IQ   Business and casual The w...

Performance: Dancing Between Heaven and Earth

Beijing Blogs   A gala of dance by the Chinese National Song and Dance Ensemble brings minority cultures of China to the stage.   Performance: Dancing Between Heaven and Earth   China’s Other People Though the Han people comprise the largest ethnicity in China (92 percent) a...

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  • New Eats: Xifan

    One does not simply walk into Xifan (喜饭). It’s not the kind of place wh...