• Poll Results: Getting Groomed

    Last week, we asked you how often or diligently you groom yourself. Here's what you had to say!   Poll Results: Getting Groomed   Casual Stylin' It looks like m... (More...)
  • [UPDATE] Muse in Beijing

    Heads up, kids: Muse is coming to Beijing this September!    Muse Comes To Beijing After the Supermassive Black Hole that was said to have engulfed the Beijing ... (More...)
  • Eat and Art for Nepal

    As recovery efforts and the process of rebuilding continue for Nepal after two earthquakes devastated the mountain nation, don't let the fast-moving news cycle stop you fro... (More...)
  • Mind Body Fitness Retreats Return

    The Mind Body Fitness Retreats are back in Beijing for another season of health, wellness, and happiness.    Sign Up: Mind Body Fitness Retreat   Scheduled... (More...)
  • Poll Results: How Cultured Are You?

    Last week, we asked how cultured you are. Here's what you had to say!   Poll Results: Are You Cultured?   House red is for most, but not for all and we're ... (More...)
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Top Three: Rose Cakes

Beijing Blogs   In this Top Three review, we're on the prowl for Beijing's best rose cakes.   Top Three: Rose Cakes   Chongwen | Yunteng Shifu It may no longer be the Rainforest Café replica that Beijing wants (or needs), but luckily the food remains the same at the origina...

Easy Life: Custom China Gifts

Beijing Blogs   Impress your friends and family with your choice of country of residence with a custom-made China gift.   Easy Life: Custom China Gifts   Chop Chop A jade chop is a fun gift option for friends who would enjoy a) having a Chinese name and b) the ability to stamp the...

Caption This Moment and Win Prizes

Win Stuff   That's right. Our ever popular print caption contest moves online. Comment below with what you think is the wittiest caption for this photo and you might win a bottle of wine from DS Wines. The winner will be announced in the mag's Beijing Seen section.   Caption it by ...

Spa Review: Ritz-Carlton Spa

Beijing Blogs   After Beijing’s harsh, dry, and polluted winter, you are going to need some personal spring cleaning—and there is little better than the Spa at The Ritz-Carlton, Financial Street.   Spa Review: Ritz-Carlton   Calming oasis Their Spring Pampering special...

Beijing Nightlife: This Weekend's Best Events

Beijing Blogs   This one's for the animals. The rockers. The indie kids. The post-hardcore-experimental-proto-shoegaze punks. The cultural cravers. The blues fiends. The dance till dawn-ers. The ones who planned to stay in all weekend. The ones who never want go home. The ones who know where ...

Weekend Eats: Beijing's Best Bites

Beijing Blogs   Weekend Eats: Beijing's Best Bites   Friday Seafood, Eat Food at Feast Always missing Seafood Night? Never again, now that it's taken over every Friday at Feast! Enjoy the buffet of starters, including mussels, clams, prawns, dim sum, salads, cold cuts and plenty of c...

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  • New Eats: Xifan

    One does not simply walk into Xifan (喜饭). It’s not the kind of place wh...