• Qing Ming Mind-Body Fitness Retreat

    Registration is open for another edition of the Mind-Body Fitness Retreat, this one happening over the Qing Ming (Tomb Sweeping) Festival holiday from April 3-6 in sunny, s... (More...)
  • Dine Like a Delegate

    Though it may be in Huairou, it's not too difficult to find your way to the new Sunrise Kempinski Hotel Beijing. Post-APEC, the mega-event the hotel first served, you can s... (More...)
  • Beijing Anti-Weekender: Cancellation Updates

    When it rains, it pours. We're not saying that the lianghui (Two Meetings, China's rubber-stamp congress, Yao Ming falling asleep in the Great Hall of the People) has ... (More...)
  • Poll Results: Are You a TCM Believer?

    Last week, we asked you for your thoughts on TCM. Is there an angle to acupuncture, can wild flowers tame a tortured tummy? Here's what you had to say!    Poll ... (More...)
  • Arepas in Beijing!

    Hallelujah, our maize prayers have been answered. For one night only, Modo, Mosto and Moka Bros' Daniel Urdaneta takes over the Jing-A Taproom kitchen to introduce the fine... (More...)
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Spa Review: Waldorf Astoria

Beijing Blogs   Expect a soothing experience at this relatively new hotel spa in Waldorf Astoria.    Spa: Waldorf Astoria   Intense Scents Therapists sit down to help you pick a suitable treatment, and you are given a short form to fill out that specifies troublesome areas on...

Sports Tested: Salsa Palma

Beijing Blogs   Socialize through the power of dance at Migas's Salsa Palma every Monday night!    Sports Tested: Salsa Palma   Dance It Off In an ever-changing expat world (RIP Apothecary), the unqualified success of the Migas empire is something as close to being taken...

Wino: Green, Green Wine

Beijing Blogs   No self-respecting leprechaun would drink beer dyed with green food coloring on St. Patrick’s Day, especially since green wine is a natural gift from vineyards. Since the 12th century, the historic region of Entre-Douro e Minho in northern Portugal has produced limited q...

New Bar: Steampunk

Reviews   Yes, we are admitting that we had to look this up to know exactly what the steampunk thing is. We knew there had to be a method behind the madness of this tiny bar on the cusp of Gulou, with its dapperly dressed proprietor and Mousetrap-esque moving metal installation on the w...

Gallery: Swans @ YGYS

Beijing Blogs   Here's what went down at YGYS when the Swans took to the stage!    Gallery: Swans @ YGYS      

Ask A Vet: Can I Save Strays?

Beijing Blogs   Ask the Vets   Q: I found an abandoned litter of newborn kittens. Can I save them? A: Yes! Basic orphan kitten and puppy care involves keeping babies clean, warm and fed. It sounds simple, but it can be a full time job. It’s best if the responsibility is shared b...

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  • New-ish Bar: Fubar

    When we arrived in Beijing, the bar and cocktail landscape were a pale, pale ...

  • New Bar: Steampunk

    Yes, we are admitting that we had to look this up to know exactly what the st...