• Two Guys and a Pie to Close Storefront

    Our hearts jumped into our throats momentarily when we got the news that Two Guys and a Pie are closing their Sanlitun storefront, with this weekend being their last. Howe... (More...)
  • Man Takes Hostage at Wangfujing

    A 38-year-old man from Guangxi province took a woman hostage at Wangfujing on Wednesday evening. Incredibly, the hostage was released after only 35 minutes, but it was enou... (More...)
  • Bus Trapped on the Second Ring

    Yeesh. If you're getting ready to commute home, avoid the Second Ring at all costs. We just got this photo and had to share—looks like a bus was a little too ambitiou... (More...)
  • British Ball 2014 Theme Announcement

    Calling all Cumberbitches! It's your lucky day. No, Benedict Cumberbatch isn't single, sadly. But Sherlock fans of all stripes can celebrate No. 221b Baker Street's favorit... (More...)
  • Beijing Restaurant Found Serving Leftovers

    An undercover investigation by Beijing News has caught a Korean restaurant in Beijing’s Changping District serving customers leftover food. Han Li Xuan Barbecued... (More...)
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The Beat: Ode to Wukan

Beijing Blogs   You know what I’m talking about: that summer you spent lying on the floor in your friend’s room, content and staring at the ceiling so long you started to hallucinate, talking and braiding each other’s hair like a bunch of beautiful dorks and cutting off each...

Iranian Cuisine: Persepolis

Reviews   The stretch of Gongti Bei Lu extending west from Tuanjiehu station is known as the spot to find authentic Middle Eastern cuisine in Beijing, and the newest addition to the lot, Persepolis Restaurant, is no exception. The interior is bright and cheery, with a stage for performa...

Fashionista: Natural Style

Beijing Blogs   Name: Ann Wang (Wang Chen) Occupation: Social entrepreneur and founder of We Impact Nationality: Chinese Too Scared to Wear: A bikini in the city Favorite Celebrity Fashionistas: Alexa Chung, Kate Moss, Vivienne Westwood, Stella McCartney and Maggie Cheung Ann&rsqu...

Family Matters: My Chinese Family

Family   Let me be honest—I pinch myself when reflecting back on how long my family and I have been living in China. Six years ... whoa! When we arrived here in 2008, there were only two lanes available on the Airport Expressway due to the Olympics. These days, we see six or se...

Family Tested: Olympic Forest Park

Family   The Family: The Ma family (Amy, grade 10) The Verdict: Go to run, bike or fly a kitePerfect For: All ages As someone who lives in the urban jungle of Beijing, you must be more than tired of gazing at the dull, gray buildings and breathing in the fumes from car engines. Thank...

How To Decode Chinese Road Signs

Beijing Blogs   The number of people who decide to throw caution to the wind and obtain a Beijing drivers’ license is on the rise, but before you head out on the highway you’ll have to pass a grueling, computerized theory test and correctly answer 90 out of its 100 questions, incl...

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