• Jackie Chan’s Son Arrested For Drug Possesion

    The son of Hong Kong film superstar Jackie Chan has been arrested on drug-related charges in Beijing. Jaycee Chan was arrested along with Taiwanese movie star and anti... (More...)
  • New Path

    China's best translated literary journal, Pathlight, is undergoing a changing of the guard. Alice Xin Liu, who's been with the journal since it's inception, is moving on to... (More...)
  • All About Alpacas at Element Fresh

    The Parkview Green branch of Element Fresh welcomed two furry guests on Friday: Doudou and Xiao Bai are two yearling alpacas who will be in residence in the outdoor courtya... (More...)
  • Cu Ju To Close

    On Monday, August 18 hutong rum bar and beloved local hangout Cu Ju will close in its current incarnation, undergo renovations, and reopen with a new concept. Nominally in ... (More...)
  • Nike Release Beijing-Inspired Sneakers

    Take a look at Nike’s new Beijing-inspired sneakers. Simply named ‘Beijing’ the new shoes were inspired by Beijing’s famous hutongs. The shoes ar... (More...)
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Second Bite: Atelier Bellaria

Reviews   Once located on foot-traffic heavy Nanluoguxiang, Atelier Bellaria’s new digs are in such an unexpected location that we were sure we’d gone astray. But sure enough, enter the Yongli International apartment complex, head up the elevator and down a dark hallway, and...

Find of the Week: Spoonful of Sugar’s New Chick Uptown

Beijing Blogs   It is far too easy to plonk down in the high-ceilinged rooms at Spoonful of Sugar and to never budge again for hours except to order more food. Reasonable prices, lots of natural light and excellent WiFi make this a new favorite place for getting ‘er done, and the New Ch...

Laser Hair Removal: Daisy’s Beauty Salon

Reviews   Shaving. It sucks. It’s tiresome, the hair grows back stubbly, and don’t you wish you just didn’t have to deal with hair on your legs, under your arms or on your bikini line at all? Enter laser treatments, which get rid of unwanted hair permanently by destroy...

Family Matters: The Pre-Holiday Holiday

Family   Who doesn’t love and look forward to the summer? School breaks for months and the collective mindset switches into holiday mode. Expats everywhere buzz with excitement as they plan their trips home. It’s amazing how similar we all are as expats. We want the same ...

Beijing's Best Salad Niçoise

Beijing Blogs   Sanlitun | Village Café We think everything about the Village Café is underrated, from the creative fare to the pleasant working environment. A composed salad from the south of France, a Niçoise traditionally contains seared or flaked tuna, green beans, n...

Beijing Shopping: Cailan Wenhua

Reviews   Cailan Wenhua’s storefront is a cute hole-in-the-wall on Wudaoying Hutong, decorated inside with the four traditional types of ink arts: woodblock fabric printing, embroidery, woodcut and lightbox paintings. Contemporary interpretations of these arts are found in the gui...

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  • Café: Tribe

    If an uptick in cafés serving all-day healthy fare is the latest dinin...