• The Reason You Keep Seeing 8s On WeChat

    If you keep seeing rows and rows of 8s in your WeChat feed, here is the reason why. It’s all to do with this little test that we've roughly translated below.   ... (More...)
  • Brunch All Weekend at Agua

    There are Easter brunches, and then there is Agua’s Infinity Brunch. Though quite new on the brunch scene, this one’s already gathered steam as a spot to spend ... (More...)
  • Open Studios in Feijiacun

    Looking for something to do outside on Saturday afternoon? On April 19, artists in Feijiacun will be opening their studio doors to the public. You'll see a range of art, wh... (More...)
  • IFC Concert

    Get your tickets for the International Festival Chorus' spring concert on May 10. Canadian pianist David Braid will play music specially composed to bridge the performance ... (More...)
  • Doggone It

    Wanna help save some canine lives? Top stylist Scarlet Salmons of Salon dePark and Melissa McKenna of Juice by Melissa are teaming up for a monthly raffle in which you can ... (More...)
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Win a Two-Day Course with Beijing Sailing Center

Win Stuff   Enjoy stable winds and the open sea of the Bohai Gulf at Beijing Sailing Center’s (BSC) sail base. Based in Qinhuangdao, aka “Beijing Beach,” BSC has a broad variety of imported sailboats and equipment, suitable for beginners and experienced sailors, as well ...

Await: Slow Food Movement

Reviews   Between Lingjing Hutong and Xisi, Await Cafe demands some effort from tired Xidan shoppers looking to relax with coffee and cheesecake. However, the extra legwork is justified, as a fresh, serene space with soft chairs, well, awaits. Pun done, choose from two floors and a roo...

Bubble Bar: Burst Bubble

Reviews   We wanted to like Bubble Bar. We really did. The venue has solid pedigree—owner Sun Quan used to be a manager at Lucky Man—a good-on-paper menu and the look of a proper cocktail bar down pat, Edison bulbs and charmingly antlered bar seats included. But it feels li...

Yetang.com: Wild Candy

Reviews   Founded by entrepreneurs Natasia Guo and Yan Zhang, Yetang.com is China’s answer to ASOS or Urban Outfitters. Young, wild and free, the clothing, accessories and gifts from the online retailer come in bright patterns, bold colors and unexpected shapes. Prices comparable...

6 Things To Salivate Over This Weekend

Beijing Blogs   It's a pity that China doesn't go chocolate egg crazy at Easter time, we've had to import ours from friends abroad (they've all been eaten already, sorry!) Don't let the lack of sugary snacks get you down, here are our picks of the best dining events happening across the weeke...

Beijing Nightlife: This Weekend's Best Events

Beijing Blogs   Every Thursday, the Beijing Weekender distills City Weekend's database of nightlife events down to the weekend parties, concerts and live shows that you simply can't miss.   THURSDAY: Check out the multi-genre, multi-cultural musical stylings of TheArtOfFusion tonight ...

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