• The Great Pee Debate: Dishonourable Discharges

    In China, pee never seems to be far from the headlines. After the media rumble over a spate of subway splashes last year, last week, China’s toilet troubles were back... (More...)
  • Beijing’s Subway, Literally

    The Wall Street Journal has posted a Beijing subway map with some of the station names literally translated. The map looks like a Chinglish dream with some names ripe for i... (More...)
  • Two-star Michelin Chef Pino Lavarra at Barolo

    Barolo has always been a fine spot for creative-yet-classic Italian cuisine, but today, Friday and Saturday they’re raising the bar even higher by inviting Michelin-s... (More...)
  • Beckham's in Town

    David Beckham, soccer god/underwear model/husband to the posh one in the Spice Girls, was in town over the Easter weekend. In Beijing as part of his role as ambassador for ... (More...)
  • Subway Dating

    An article in the UK's Daily Telegraph tells of an expat reporter who's challenged by his friends to find a date on Beijing's subway within a week.  The article kicks... (More...)
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The Beat: Bloodz Boi

Beijing Blogs   “Where is the next generation of Chinese DJs?” This was a question DJ Blackie of The Syndicate posed to me at a Chinese music industry event a few months back. I didn’t have an answer then. At that time, nearly all the Chinese DJs we could name had been on th...

One More Thing: Reiki Shares

Beijing Blogs   Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that is used to help de-stress and unclog blockages of “ki” (or “chi” as it is mostly known outside of Japan) in the body. While it is obviously not used for traumatic injuries and illness, it has purported benefici...

Loft Eatalicious: Easygoing Italian

Reviews   Tucked away in the back end of Pinnacle Plaza awaits a genuine, homey, unpretentious and intimate Italian dining experience. Despite the perfect spring evening on offer and the allure of al fresco dining at the new branch of this popular Italian eatery, we chose to eat inside....

Fashionista: Opinionated Irene

Beijing Blogs   Meet this week's Fashionista!  Name: Irene Lu Occupation: Creative director of PILLOWBOOK lingerie and upcycling enthusiast Nationality: New York City (Yes, that is a nationality) Favorite Summer Garment: Colorful dudou! (Chinese bellybands) Favorite 3...

City Weekend Parents & Kids Easter Party @ Cafe Noir

Family   Peals of laughter and sounds of hungry munching filled Traders Upper East Hotel's Cafe Noir on Saturday, Apr. 19, as hundreds of parents and children joined us for the City Weekend Parents & Kids Club Easter Party. Everyone enjoyed a scrumptious brunch and finished it off...

Sports Tested: Flow Yoga

Beijing Blogs   Desk jockeys of the CBD will find a moment (or, more specifically, 90 minutes) of Zen at Fine Yoga’s lunchtime flow yoga class. This style of yoga is rather challenging, requiring both strength and focus. Instead of simple stretches, you move from pose to pose in a fluid...

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