• The Bookworm Literary Festival Cometh

    Abandon your libraries: the Bookworm Literary Festival is about to begin!    The Bookworm Literary Festival   Now in its ninth year and spreading across ei... (More...)
  • Happy Chinese New Year!

    Year Of The Yang: Gong Xi Fa Cai!   New Year Greetings There's nothing better than celebrating the new year twice, and that's exactly what we're doing over this Chu... (More...)
  • Atelier Cologne Comes to Beijing

    Founded by the husband-and-wife team of Christophe Cervasel and Sylvie Ganter, Atelier Cologne marries the traditional citrus notes of cologne with the concentration and in... (More...)
  • Poll Results: Horoscopes

    Last week, we asked how seriously (or not) you take horoscopes. Here's what you had to say!    Poll Results: Horoscopes   Jaded Believers Admit it, almost ... (More...)
  • Call for Submissions: Concrete Flux

    Multi-disciplinary urban development and design journal Concrete Flux is taking submissions for their first issue of 2015, whose topic is "Suzhi" (素质). Translated very... (More...)
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Shopping: Yoganda

Beijing Blogs   You don’t have to be into yoga to enjoy the bags produced by the Yoganda Project.    Shopping: Yoganda   Yo, Ganda Their roomy totes (RMB580) can carry your yoga mat, or your laptop, and do a bit of good in the world at the same time. The Yoganda Project...

Spa Review: Manicures at Oriole

Beijing Blogs   Tucked away under the stairs, this high-end nail salon prides itself on offering the latest innovations in nail art from Japan (the owners go to the industry expos there every year) and the complete OPI product experience (there are 19 steps).   Beauty Pick: Oriole &nbs...

Wino: Port of Call

Beijing Blogs   In this Wino, we're looking at the production of port and the various forms it comes in.    Wino: Port of Call   True port can only be produced in the Douro Valley of Portugal. There are 48 varieties of grapes permitted in its manufacture, but only six that gr...

Health Matters: Getting Braces

Family   A mouth full of metal braces is an accoutrement that many of us sported throughout our teenage years. But correcting crooked teeth is not just cosmetic, says Dr. Jessie Weng, an orthodontist at Arrail Dental.    Health Matters: Getting Braces   Straighten Up! ...

In The Kitchen: Great Leap #45

Beijing Blogs   Brewmaster Carl Setzer, executive chef Kin Hong and pizza crust consultant Daniel Gutter on GLB #45.   In The Kitchen: GLB #45 Yeast Meets West   How did this collaboration get started? Carl Setzer (CS): We were doing kitchen testings on pizza four and a half month...

Performance: Sharon Shannon

Beijing Blogs   Who knew the accordion could be so dynamic? In Irish musician Sharon Shannon’s hands, this instrument, long lost to the world of musical geekdom in our minds, has been resurrected as a grand thing of aural beauty and power.    Performance: Sharon Shannon &nbs...

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