• [UPDATE] Zuckerberg Comes To Beijing

    Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg spoke to an audience of students at Tsinghua University, impressing the crowd with his attempts at Chinese. Facebook Founder In Beijing &... (More...)
  • Coming To A Tap Near You

    It has recently been announced that the world’s biggest water diversion project – a route from Central China to Beijing – will be up and running in late O... (More...)
  • Make A Reservation Online With Chope

    Here's a handy new site feature for you: You can now choose the restaurant you'd like to dine in and reserve your table, thanks to a new partnership between website and mob... (More...)
  • [UPDATE] APEC: Travel And Security

    As we all know by know, thanks in part to the large red banners that have been put up everywhere, APEC is well on its way, and it's bringing a whole lot of tourists, securi... (More...)
  • Secret Supper

    The existence of the Beijing Supper Club is no big secret, but the location? That's where the surprise always comes in. Previous incarnations of these pop-up dinner parties... (More...)
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Sex and Relationships: Office Harassment

Beijing Blogs   Sexual harasment in the workplace (or anywhere else) is not something anyone wants to have to deal with. Unfortunately, most women have at some point had to deal with this ugly issue. In this edition's Sex & Relationships column, our experts answer an important question.&n...

California in China: Napa's Colin Smith and Andrew Hsu

Beijing Blogs   Andrew Hsu and Colin Smith are lifelong friends who are starting Napa, a California cuisine restaurant focused on local, organic and seasonal ingredients for farm-to-table food that is convenient and affordable. We scored an exclusive interview with them!    E...

Find Of The Week: Rager Pie's Pecandrogynous

Reviews   We can't get enough of Rager Pie's pecan pie, which is just sweet enough and allows the star ingredient to shine through. Pec(androgonously) sexy.    Rager Pie: Pecandrogynous   Eyes on the Pies Call us overly sensitive, but there are few things that enrage us...

Wino: Gifting Season

Beijing Blogs   With Thanksgiving and Christmas on the horizon, it's time to start thinking about gifts for special friends, and what could be better than a bottle (or case) of good, personalised wine, like these gems from Kasu.   Wino: Gifting Season   Customized p...

Best Of Halloween: Friday Night Frights Oct. 31

Beijing Blogs   Zombies, fishnets, prison break and bondage: We’ve lined up eight perfectly good reasons for you to lose your head this Halloween, Oct. 31!  Beijing Halloween Parties: Friday Night Frights   Gulou Zombie Crawl It’s common knowledge that the end of all w...

New Eats: Janna's Kitchen

Reviews   Beijing has a decent selection of Middle Eastern restaurants, but they tend to be in clusters in Sanlitun and Ritan Park. So we were thrilled to learn that Janna's Kitchen, a joint serving up hummus, baba ganoush and kebabs had made inroads on Jiugulou Dajie.   Middle E...

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