• Beijing In Full Bloom For National Day

    Happy National Day, Beijing!    The city is in full bloom for National Day! The epic Flower Basket at Tian'anmen has taken things a step further with 3-D flower... (More...)
  • Kickstart This: SUBS U.S. Tour Fund

    A call out to all you Beijing live music fans for a little altruism before you f*ck off to the Philippines for a week of pina coladas and "SCUBA certification". Beijing pu... (More...)
  • [UPDATE] Instagram Down In China

    Instagram Blocked? Amidst pro-democracy protests that are currently happening in Hong Kong, the news is that Instagram has been blocked in China, with users in ... (More...)
  • China Open: Sharapova vs Kanepi

    Maria Sharapova vs Kaia Kanepi After attending a press conference in Beijing earlier this week, tennis superstar Maria Sharapova is set to play the first round of the Chin... (More...)
  • International Cassette Store Day

    Pencil + Cassette = Problem Solved It's International Cassette Store Day (yes, it's an actual thing) and the place to be is The Other Place. A true old skool event with mu... (More...)
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In The Kitchen: Peninsula's Chef Simon Wu

Beijing Blogs   Stepping into the kitchen to get a closer look at some of the best of Beijing's cuisine, we caught up with Chinese Executive Chef Simon Wu of the Peninsula’s Huang Ting on his new menu.    You’ve been in Beijing since 1995. How has the capital influence...

Gallery: West Coast Party at Club Mix

Beijing Blogs   West Side representing at Club Mix! Here's what you party people got up to at Club Mix.      Photos provided by event organizers. 

Behind The Music: MONO

Beijing Blogs   We caught up with Mono before their tour of China. Armed with a new double-album and a reputation for blowing minds, get to know this instrumental post-punk band as they enter a dark new place; you're all invited.    Welcome back to China! What are you most looking...

Fitness: Combat at Freebody Fitness

Beijing Blogs   We got all hot and bothered with Freebody Fitness, who kept us throwing punches and high kicks for an hour. Having since caught our breath, here's what we think of the Combat class. Getting Trained We are turning into fitness junkies, but snobs that we are, we like the good ...

The Dish: Beijing's Spiciest Food

Beijing Blogs   Our columnnist puts her love of all things spicy to the test with Fu Niu Tang's hot as hell noodles.  The Spice No matter what type of hot sauce condiment or chili, I never pass up an opportunity to spice up a dish. In China, spice varies provincially, and in Beijing, w...

Shopping: Unique Designs And Solid Basics

Beijing Blogs   Fit For All For a woman with curves, Beijing can be a hard place to shop. The legs of those jeans might fit, but not the hips. The button-up blouses pull awkwardly at the chest. Before you grab that bottle of wine and head to the fabric market for some muumuu shopping, take h...

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