• Xiao He at School

    Headlining for the first time in two years, enigmatic performer Xiao He returns to the stage tonight at School Bar.   Photo Of The Day Xiao He Live @ School Each sho... (More...)
  • Photo Of The Day: Say No To Crackers

    While wandering around the streets, as we sometimes do, we spotted this useful sign that sums up why firecrackers are tricky business.    POTD: Say No To Crack(... (More...)
  • Poll Results: Do You Shop Online?

    Last week, we asked you about your online shopping habits. Here's what you had to say!    Poll Results: Online Shopping   Click Yes Most of us are of the o... (More...)
  • 2015 Social Media Meltdown

    While the rest of the world was losing their heads about Instagram and Facebook being down, us humble citizens of China responded with the cool and collected nature most co... (More...)
  • [UPDATE] Instagram Unblocked?

    So we've been hearing that Instagram is up and running in China again, though unassisted access to these filtered photos have been hit-and-miss within our team here at City... (More...)
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Spa Review: Peninsula Spa

Beijing Blogs   Spice up your winter with this soothing treatment from the Peninsula Spa that uses warm poultices infused with a fragrant mix of ginseng, ginger, gingko leaf and cinnamon.    Spa Treatment: Peninsula Spa   Thermal Therapy The Oriental Thermal Infusion (RMB1,28...

Second Bite: Tim's Texas BBQ

Beijing Blogs   As much as we hate to admit it, we do not have the digestive capacity of Frank Underwood in the television series House of Cards, and thus lack the ability to scarf a rack of ribs midday and continue going about our business. If we could, then we’d be eating barbecue at ...

Conrank's Top Five Tips for New Producers

Beijing Blogs   Top Beijing drum 'n' bass promoters The Syndicate are bringing back leading producer Conrank. 2014 was a banner year in which he released a collaboration track with DJ Shadow and oversaw the production of avant-pop star Sa Ding Ding’s album. Ahead of his headlining app...

Art Exhibitions: Zhang Xiaotao at Pékin Fine Arts

Beijing Blogs   The meaning of life. The artworks that purport to examine it so often sink under the weight of their own gravitas. But occasionally an artist visits the topic with a fresh and relevant perspective, offering to open a dialogue on a subject that many spend a significant amount o...

Sports Tested: Dancing Chez Elle

Beijing Blogs   As much as we’d like them not to, our hips definitely lie (stationary) with depressing regularity. The flail is our signature dance move, and we’re kind of OK with that. However, by the end of the cha-cha lesson offered by Dancing Chez Elle, even our reluctant join...

New Eat: A. Wang

Beijing Blogs   A. Wang noodle stand in the upscale Parkview Green Mall offers Southeast Asian-inspired fare at (relatively) reasonable prices.  New Eats: A Wang   Noodling Along  Seating is food-court style, though without the fake palm trees and hard plastic benches that yo...

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  • New Bar: 4/F

    Establishing a new venue in Sanlitun is no easy task, as it is saturated with...