• Poll Results: Do You Shop Online?

    Last week, we asked you about your online shopping habits. Here's what you had to say!    Poll Results: Online Shopping   Click Yes Most of us are of the o... (More...)
  • 2015 Social Media Meltdown

    While the rest of the world was losing their heads about Instagram and Facebook being down, us humble citizens of China responded with the cool and collected nature most co... (More...)
  • [UPDATE] Instagram Unblocked?

    So we've been hearing that Instagram is up and running in China again, though unassisted access to these filtered photos have been hit-and-miss within our team here at City... (More...)
  • 3rd Annual Houhai Pond Hockey Tournament

    Head over to Houhai for Beijing International Ice Hockey's third annual tournament!    Ice Hockey In Beijing     @hockeyinbeijing    Come d... (More...)
  • Bellydance Masterclass with Moria Chappel

    Shake it off with bellydance expert Moria Chappel in her master classes this weekend!   American Tribal Fusion Bellydance Master Class   Moria Chappel A new sty... (More...)
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Wino: Sherry

Beijing Blogs   No longer relegated to the your Great Aunt Mildred’s liquor cabinet, fortified wines have been making a splash on cocktail menus and wine lists worldwide since the early aughts. Attention towards both has picked up in recent years, as more bartenders and beverage directo...

The Beat: Sober Fun

Beijing Blogs   In this issue of The Beat, our columnist Kendra talks about a sober night out in Beijing. Sober fun? Not an oxymoron.    The Beat: Sober Fun   Clear Eyes, Can’t Lose A couple of months ago, a close and sober friend of mine stopped through Beijing and I, ...

Extreme Shopping: China Style

Beijing Blogs   In our new ultimate Online Shopping Guide, we take you through the best of what you can get online and how to get it. Through the course of our research, we came across some exciting and unusual deals. Here are some hot favorites.    Extreme Shopping: China Style &...

In The Kitchen: Caravan's Badr Benjelloun

Beijing Blogs   The man behind the Caravan, Badr Benjelloun talks about collaborations and Cajun cooking.   In The Kitchen: Caravan's Badr Benjelloun   Camel Train     How much impact has your mom had on this menu, and what are the things that horrify her? My mom makes ...

Shopping: Florette

Beijing Blogs   Hip blooms at Florette, aimed at bringing beauty back to the capital and all who reside in it.    Shopping: Florette   Flower Power Refugees from the architecture and advertising industries, Isabelle Sun and Kris Pei started Florette in order to, among ot...

New Eats: Goku Uma

Beijing Blogs   A new hidden gem in Gulou hits the spot in the form of the  great variety, delectable dishes and cool prices of Goku Uma.    New Eats: Goku Umo   Smelt Smitten If you had told us even just two years ago that there would be a Japanese joint in Gulou that n...

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  • New Bar: 4/F

    Establishing a new venue in Sanlitun is no easy task, as it is saturated with...