• Poll Results: How Healthy Are You?

    Last week, we asked you how you're doing health-wise. Here's what you had to say!    Poll Results: How's Yout Health?   In the Pink As things go in this cr... (More...)
  • [UPDATE] Fire in Dahongmen

    Perhaps you’ve noticed the massive smoke clouds slowly creeping over the lower half of the city this afternoon.   The source is a fire at the Dahongmen Wood F... (More...)
  • [UPDATE] Great Wall Party Tickets at Half Price

    We spoke too soon. We got excited too soon. We put our party hats on too soon. When will we ever learn?   Great Wall Party Postponed Sorry folks, it looks like the o... (More...)
  • An Eccentric Wine Dinner

    Caravan does many things well, but a particular favorite is their ability to mix wines and cuisines from all over the world into unusual, delightful combinations and pairin... (More...)
  • Art + Beer

    Drink & Draw gathers Beijing artists (and their admirers) to one of our favorite watering holes. If your muse looks like a glass of Jing-A's craft beer, you're in luck.... (More...)
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Beauty Picks: Z Hairdressing

Beijing Blogs   We spend far too much time in the office under fluorescent lights, but that doesn’t mean we should look like it.Thus our request of Z Hairdressing’s new, charming stylist, Clay, was to make us look like we’d just rolled off the beach, and he did so in perhaps...

Second Bite: Mulu

Beijing Blogs     Private hutong dining is all the rage now, but in true hipster fashion, Mulu was doing it before it was cool. Now with chefs and partners Kai Liu and Tiffany Tung joining original owner Jasmine Kho, Mulu brings sophisticated, Continental fare with a Southeast Asian twi...

Caption This Moment and Win Prizes

Win Stuff   That's right. Our ever popular print caption contest moves online. Comment below with what you think is the wittiest caption for this photo and you might win a bottle of wine from DS Wines. The winner will be announced in the mag's Beijing Seen section.   Caption it by ...

The Dish: Overfed

Beijing Blogs   In this issue of The Dish, our columnist Sarah talks about some top food trends that we're just about ready to retire.    The Dish: Overfed   Let It Die The food industry in Beijing has grown tremendously in the past decade. What once seemed like a competitive...

Performance: Artistry on Ice

Beijing Blogs   The pageantry, the grace, the athleticism, the air conditioning: Figure skating just feels appealing on a muggy Beijing summer day. Seize the opportunity to witness 22 masters of the art contort, glide, dance, and triple lutz their way around the rink.   Performance: Ar...

The Surprising Benefits of Chores

Family   When I was growing up, my parents integrated household tasks into my everyday routine. Before we sat down for dinner, I would set the silverware, pour the drinks, and help my mom carry dishes over to the table. I emptied the dishwasher for $US0.25. My brother and I took turns ...

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