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30 Minutes from Beijing to Shanghai? Time Will tell.

The Flying Train might do the magic


In June, we saw China’s new bullet train Fuxing take its first journey from Beijing to Shanghai. The new train already has an impressive speed of about 400 km per hour and has decreased travel the time by 30 minutes.


However, now we hear about a new train that might connect these two cities in just 30 minutes. The China Aerospace Science and Industry Group have announced something that will write a new story. A super high-speed rail called T-flight or The Flying Train.


What is it?

It is a dream project of The China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, who is developing a new rail system to achieve the supersonic speed by using magnetic levitation (the maglev technology). It would be 10 times faster than the world’s fastest bullet trains. The team comprises key people from 20 domestic and foreign research institutes to make this a reality.


How is it different?

The current Maglev trains are fast and run at a top speed of 430 km/ hr, but the new one would be much faster. The new trains will have a vacuum pod to reduce the air resistance of the train along with the maglev technology. Mr. Mao Kai, Chief Designer of the system informed initially they would try to hit the speed of 1,000 kph and would eventually accelerate to 2,000 kph and finally to an unbelievable 4,000 kph for countries along the Belt and Road line. If the project becomes successful, then the trains would be traveling at speeds that are four times faster than commercial flights and more than three times the speed of sound.


Will it be safe?

Mr. Mao Kai informed that the project would ensure safety for passengers as the acceleration would be slower than an aircraft's takeoff speed.


What will the cost be?

These high-speed trains might not have a ticket for the same price as of now but will not be too expensive for ordinary passengers as told by Mao Kai.


When will it be launched?

Even though it is currently unknown about our first chance to take the ride but according to Autoevolution, CASIC is targeting 2020 to complete its research.


Sources: Sina, Financial Express, interestingengineering.com


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