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4 Trans and Genderqueer Resources Across China

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Transgender Hotline

China's first trans call-in service operates Thursdays from 5-9pm. Staffed by genderqueer, male-to-female, and female-to-male volunteers, they offer counseling in Chinese about family, coming out, and medical issues. Callers should complete an online form first, or submit English questions by email.

Webform: f.lingxi360.com/f/j200ca

Email: trans.bjlgbt@gmail.com




Fronted by Mr. C and Joanne Leung, a prominent trans woman from Hong Kong, this speaking tour aims to enhance the public's knowledge of transgender people. Sharing life stories and videos, the aim is not to educate about the basics of transgender existance and acceptance. Instead, they work to inspire reflection and mutual respect, so more people can live a better life.

Web: www.transchina.org.cn



Trans Center

Founded in Guangzhou in May 2016, this community center advocates on behalf of transgender people in China while working to eliminate discrimination and violence. Their main efforts are around protecting children from domestic violence, though their broader work includes research and public education activities to bring the public closer to understanding the lives of trans people.

WeChat: trans-center

Email: huichenzhuo@gmail.com

Tel: 159-2037-7270




Transgender Shelter

Founded by trans woman Lin Lin, this public interest group serves a number of functions in their native Nanjing and beyond. The most essential service is providing shelter for trans and genderqueer individuals seeking to escape abusive homes, with one month's accomodations provided at no cost. They're always looking for donations of time and money to support the shelter's services and their online/offline consultation service.

Email: 878846217@qq.com


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