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5 Great Beijing Blogs

Blogs can be an incredible source of comfort, fun and information, however finding the good ones can be tricky. Lucky for you guys Cityweekend is on it! We’ve sifted through all the millions of rubbish and self-indulgent blogs and have found an eclectic mix of Beijing’s best blogs! 

Lumdimsum  - The foodie blog - http://lumdimsum.com

This is a very professional blog by Kristen who has lived in Beijing since 2006. With many inside scoops about restaurant openings, interviews and Kristen’s personal opinion on each item - this has to be a considered one of the best blogs in Beijing.

Although the blog focuses on food, it also helps promote a healthy life style with advice on exercise and dieting. While in some ways this blog encourages a “my-body-is-a-temple” mind-set, it also has a wickedly tempting section where you can drool over some gorgeous pictures of delectable food i.e. food porn. It had us making all sorts of noises as we flicked though these naughty pictures of tempting delights.



Anton Hazewinkel –  The photo blog – http://antonhazewinkel.com

With all the Beijing's pollution, do you keep forgetting how beautiful it is here? Anton Hazewinkel’s blog is the solution. He takes some truly gorgeous pictures that capture the loveliness of Beijing.


Hazewinkel is a Dutch photographer who has been living in Beijing since 2005. The panoramic setting of some of pictures makes even the most mundane places kind of beautiful and trippy. Hazelwinkel captures romance and magic in his pictures, and gives you a different perspective when wandering around bustling Beijing.

Each of his pictures has sweet little stories next to it too, which adds to a feeling intimacy and helping us remember everyone you meet has a personal story, full of all the hopes, dreams and vulnerabilities of the human experience.


Beijing Boyce –  The nightlife blog - http://www.beijingboyce.com

Beijing Boyce’s catch-line is “A Somewhat Young China Hand on the Local Drinking Scene” which is a reflective description of this blog. The mysterious Mr Boyce doesn’t reveal much on his “about” section on himself, but from the sounds of it he seems like a pretty fun guy.

 Beijing Boyce is written in a witty and engaging way, with little anecdotes of nights out that will help motivate you to go out and make your own crazy night happen! All the articles are written on a level with the reader and feel very personal. You can find some good, honest reviews of the bars in Beijing, so it’s worth searching to see if Boyce has reviewed a new bar you are heading to.


Beijing Cream – The news blog - http://beijingcream.com

While Beijing Cream has not being going for long, it opened in February 2012, it is by far the best blog we found for news that is Beijing centric. The blog tells you about the most important issues affecting the Capital as well as some news from around the whole country.

The website is fairly intuitive to use, and the articles are written in a familiar style, presenting ideas in an accessible but not patronising way. This blog is certainly filling a gap in the market, with the Chinese news not always being reliable in letting you know everything that is going on, and many foreign news programs only interested in how Beijing effects the West.

Therefore we think this blog is perfect for either expats in Beijing who have an interest in the city or for anyone who has a genuine interest in what is really taking place in China. As well as relevant news there are also celebrity sections and fun facts so this website it also good for some light entertainment.


Beijing Daze –  The music blog - http://beijingdaze.com

As the name suggests “Beijing Daze” is written from a biased point of view. The blogger has been living in China since 2004 and admits to looking at the city through rose-tinted glasses. This means his blog has a positive spin on all things Beijing.  His articles advising you were to go for live music are informative and his enthusiasm is infectious.


Beijing Daze, often goes to the trouble to getting interviews, which gives the blog more credibility. The reviews of albums are a little more balanced, explaining simply what is liked and disliked – however this is a happy blogger so don’t expect too much criticism. Our favourite section is “Video Friday” where Beijing Haze puts up a new music video, often from Beijing.

This is a great way to hear new music on the Beijing scene without having to trawl though all the sites yourself. What way to better understand a city like Beijing than to get to know its music?


Do you have any recommendations? Add them as a comment below! 


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