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Acupressure Points For a Toothache

Your body has the power to heal itself

A toothache is the most uncomfortable pain, only a person who has suffered will understand. Individuals with sensitivity issues dread cold and sweet food even if they love it. A little wine or that piece of butter cookie can give you some hard times. What happens if your precious sparkly whites do not let you sleep at night? While dentist is your way out, what can you do in the middle of the night without any painkiller (they also have side effects) in your medicine box?


You can always do some home remedies like clove oil, salt in warm water, but today we would like to share some acupressure techniques. Acupressure is an art of applying pressure at certain points of our body, to heal our body from pain or ailments. This ancient practice proves that our body has the super power of healing itself. You don’t have to worry about side effects as we will share the simplest and easiest tips. The pressure should be applied with your thumb or index finger for a minute or two and then stop. This process can be repeated until you feel better.


The points that will help you to heal are


1. The place where your lower jaw ends below the earlobe, the muscle that bulges when you grind or chew with your molars is the spot where you need to apply pressure with your finger.


2. The hollow at the bottom of the cheekbone directly below the pupil, where you can feel the upper jaw if pressed for some time relieves a toothache.


3. Bring your index finger and thumb together, locate the highest spot of the muscle, not the skin, also known as “union valley point.”


4. Draw an imaginary line up to the wrist, starting below the point where your pinky and the ring finger form a web. Applying pressure on this channel helps to soothe the pain.


5. According to Chinese reflexology, toes house the points for easing the toothache. The positions are on top of our toes, above and below the knuckles. Our right foot points trigger our left side of the mouth and vice versa. The area above the knuckle is for upper jaw and area below is for the lower jaw. Rub the area close to the root of the nails for the upper jaw and, the area just above the junction of toes and the feet for the lower jaw.


6. The point on top of the foot, below the web between second and third toe (take big toe to be the first) is a major area that soothes a toothache.


Sources:  www.thefitglobal.com; www.chinesefootreflexology.com; www.herbalshop.com



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