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You'll be excused for feeling like you've wandered into someone's living room when you enter [Wain Wain](http://www.cityweekend.com.cn/beijing/listings/nightlife/bars/has/wain-wain/); that's pretty much what it is. Carved out of a corner apartment on the 35th floor of the Xiandai SOHO complex (and taking advantage of some rather lenient zoning laws) this fashionably understated Japanese lounge has one of the most amazing views in the city, commanding both Guomao and Xidawang Lu. Although the owner, a young Japanese lad, attributes inspiration for the place to first class lounges in airports, it's really a flat with funky music where you can chill out with the Japanese friends you never knew you had. The two back rooms feature semi-private rooms (tricked out with tatami mats) for KOK and Nintendo (there's even a Wii!). The door fee structure is complicated (basically it's ¥50 until 6 p.m. and ¥128 after), but once in, it's all you can consume. #THE DETAILS ###Perfect for: Nintendo with a view ###Add: Rm 3512, Blgd. A, Xiandai SOHO, 88 Jianguo Lu 建国路88号SOHO现代城A座3512室 ###Tel: 8589-4383 ###The Verdict: 4/5


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By: Cityweekend -

Lola Kane's SOBER Party
First off, there WILL be alcohol at the party!   Lola Kane is challenging everyone to stay sober until March 24, when you'll celebrate your sobriety with a night of alcohol-fueled debauchery at...
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By: Tommouna -

Meet Weng Weng
Weng Weng, can you tell us about your early rise as a DJ in Beijing? When did you start DJing and what kind of music did you first play? I started DJing in 1997. Before this I had been playing the...
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By: Anyagoncharova -

What's The Bazz?
As Cuju closed its doors to Beijing’s buzzing sports crowds, it reopened as a new, revamped version of the old classic: Gulu Bazz. The title may seem a little cryptic but all it comes down to is,...
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beijing smog

By: Robbinsadam -

PM2.Bye: Four Films for Your Next Night In
Nocturnal Animals If Tom Ford’s debut (A Single Man) electrified with its intensity and intimacy, his sophomore slump is more predictable. It dazzles, but the tale of love, revenge, and redemption...
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