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Balenciaga’s Latest Fashion Flops

Who Wouldn’t Want a $2,000 Ikea Bag?


Somebody has to ask the question we’re all thinking. “Did someone spike the water cooler at Balenciaga?”


The once classic and chic luxury brand has decided to go a whole different direction lately; tacky. Perhaps they’re following in the footsteps of Moschino and their phase of Barbie and cleaning supply inspired apparels. Just stop it already…


Contrary to most beliefs, just because your outfit is the center of attention, doesn’t mean people think you look good.


Balenciaga’s latest creations are ‘real life’ inspired. What does that mean? How about spending over $2,000 for an Ikea bag? Or, their platform crocs, Shunfeng delivery man jacket, car mirror clutch, duvet cover bags, janitor keys for necklaces, and (our favorite) the boots that are so high that they become pants.


Seriously, fashion is all about expressing yourself and it’s an industry that’s been known for dressing the rich and famous like homeless people. Balenciaga’s latest collection screams “I have no concept of style and will wear anything as long as it’s designer.”



Who wore it better? The Balenciaga model or the guy shopping at Ikea?



As if Crocs weren't ugly enough already, now you can break your ankles too.



Now you can be mistaken for your friendly neighborhood mail man anytime you want.



Is it a clutch? Did I just break somebody’s car? You’ll never know…



Pantashoes - awkward conversation starts for any time of the day. Also, how do you wash these?



Rattle away like the ghost of Christmas past and let strangers know you can probably open any door in the city.



Am I carrying the new Bazar Shopper bag or did I just buy a new duvet? Guess you’ll never find out…



When you really miss those good old days of dressing up in dad’s clothes.



Why not snag the case off your Vespa and call it a makeup bag?



When all else fails, make your shopping bag in leather and attract label hoarders like moths to a flame. 



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