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Best for Making a Splash

There’s nothing better than a cool dip during Beijing’s hot and sticky summers

From city-slicker swimming to a mad day out, we’ve got you covered! 



For a crazy weekend: Crab Island

Crab Island is a classic example of outrageous Chinese fun. Located just outside the city, the park emanates tropical vibes, palm trees are everywhere and a large portion of the park is dedicated to a massive artificial beach. Parents set up tents or relax under a beach umbrella while their kids play in the water. Every now and again artificial waves start raging, and can even reach the giddy heights of three meters.
The park has a large kiddie-pool section with water playgrounds and swings in the water. Plenty of water sprinklers and fun showers provide endless entertainment for kids to dart in and out of. Large water slides, both open and closed, mean older children won’t get bored either. Bring a picnic in case you get peckish or simply buy something from a restaurant at the park. 

1 Xiedao Lu
9am-8pm in June, 9am-9pm in July-August.
RMB60 for Adults, RMB40 for children taller than one meter.



For a city view: Tuanjiehu Waterpark

Tuanjiehu is truly in the thick of it: Guomao to the south, the second ring road roaring to the east. But inside Tuanjiehu’s Water World you’d be none the wiser. Whimsical touches, like cruise ship shaped dressing rooms and an artificial beach with two large slides, a water playground for smaller children and space to float around on novelty inflatables ensure plenty to keep families occupied all day. From the park, you also get a good glimpse of the ever-growing Z15 skyscraper and the CCTV building. Lack of shade is the one downside, so come when the sun is less intense, or with sunblock at the ready.

Tuanjiehunanli 16
10:30am-8pm June-August
RMB60 on weekdays, RMB80 on weekends, Free for children shorter than one meter.



For a chill hangout: Qingnianhu Park

Slap bang in the middle Andingmen’s noisy streets and the second ring road is Qingnianhu Park, a quiet oasis with swooping trees and a cute little spot to cool off in the water. It’s the perfect neighborhood hangout for locals looking to get out of their sweltering hutongs. There are three large slides for older children and a big pool with plenty of space to practice laps or splash about with friends. An unapologetically large elephant slide and water playground for younger children ensure all bases are covered. Tickets are cheap, which means the pool can get crowded, so if you can, make use of the summer vacation to avoid visiting on the weekend. 

Andingmen Wai Andeli Beijie
RMB30 for children, RMB40 for adults

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