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**You were guest editor of the quarterly online literary journal [Cha](http://asiancha.com"Cha"). What was that like?**
A huge eye-opener into the range and diversity of writing in Asia. When you are a “guest,” not born in Asia, and are on a truly international team, the process of selecting work feels heightened. You wish to be fair and judicious and not ignorant of cultural nuances that may fall beyond your ken. In fact you want to spot those textures and how successfully art is rendered within them.
**How did Cha get started?**
Tammy Ho and Jeff Zroback started Cha in the summer of 2007. They knew that there is a strong English-language writing community throughout the continent, which is often sadly underestimated and overlooked.
**What kind of stories does Cha run? Do they take unsolicited admissions?**
Cha publishes fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, book reviews, and photography and art from and about Asia. The journal gets pieces by local writers who write in English, as well as works by Westerners who have spent time in Asia. Cha runs a lot of works by writers of Asian heritage who have either emigrated to the West or grown up there. Cha is eager to get submissions from writers on the mainland, so if anyone is interested in sending Cha something, the editors would be happy to take a look.


Hot pot header 0

By: Tingy13 -

The Dish: Rock My Hot Pot
I am always a fan of hot pot, no matter the season. Luckily, Beijing has plenty of options. Veering away from Sichuan or Mongolian hot pot and popular chains, I still keep finding different types of...
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Glen header Final 0

By: Laurafitch -

Japanese Food in Sanlitun: Glen Kitchen
Dinner at Glen Kitchen reminded us of a bad roommate we had in our 20s. In the midst of a late-blooming identity crisis, this person swung from style to style with the regularity of a metronome. One...
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ramenfinal 0

By: Amidanruo -

Ippudo: Ramen Ready
Beijing noodle lovers: Your paradise has arrived. The world-renowned ramen chain Ippudo, specializing in decadent Hakata-style tonkotsu pork bone broth, has finally opened a Beijing branch in the...
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daisy123final 0

By: Brittneywong -

Beauty Pick: Daisy's Beauty Salon
Spring is finally upon us! Dust off your dresses, say hello to your shorts and let your flip flops finally see the light of day. Although it may be a bit early to hit the beach, it’s not too early...
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We are indeed very eager to receive more submissions from writers currently residing in different parts of China. Both established and emerging writers are very welcome.
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Thank you so much, Royston, for your kind words! We are very happy to have you as our guest editor. And we look forward to working with you again very soon!
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