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Five Stages of a 7am Workout

Don't stop


Why does BaseFit start their workouts at 7am? There has to be a method to their madness.



Stage 1: Denial

6am: Calling it waking up is overstating it. I’m up and out of bed, but definitely not functioning yet. I hastily pour a bowl of kibbles for the dog and chow down a bowl of cereal for myself. “Why am I doing this? It’s cold and dark out still… My bed is fluffy and warm. My pillow misses me already.”

6:30am: Alright, I’ve already booked the class. I’m doing it! I’m pretty sure my shoes are on the right feet. “Let’s go!” I tell myself.



Stage 2: Bargaining

6:50am: I arrive at BaseFit in Sanlitun and slowly climb out of my cab. “It’s not too late to turn back… I can still go home. My bed is probably still warm.” Walking past Home Grounds, I start craving my favorite chicken salad sandwich. Mmmm… Can’t wait ‘till lunch.

Dragging my feet up the stairs, I sign in and plop myself down on the floor. My brain still not fully awake yet.



Stage 3: Acceptance

7am: The coach starts the class. “Crap. He’s seen me. It’s too late to run away.”

We start with stretches and a quick warm-up. Then it’s off to the stations.

7:25am: One station done, and I’m still asking myself why I decided to come to a 7am class. It’s 7am for Pete’s sake! Ugh, whatever. On to the next station.



Stage 4: Epiphany

7:38am: Second station done. The endorphins have started to hit me and I’m fully awake by now. That’s when I realize that I’m more than half done! “Wow! That went by pretty fast!” I move on to the third (and last) station and handle it like a champ.



Stage 5: Success  

7:50am: With the last station done, we finish up with a few stretches and a group photo. I look around the room and make eye contact with my fellow champs. “We owned this 7am workout. We’re f*ckin’ badasses!”

A quick shower and I walk out of BaseFit with that “I’ve got this!” attitude and head to work.


Mina, out!


Base Fit
2/F, Building C3, 26 Chaowai S St.
Tel: 8565-3161


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