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Hair Tips To Battle The Cold

Winter Do's And Don'ts

As Beijing temperatures drop, the air turns drier, and its quality worsens. We all know how harsh the winter in Beijing can be as well as the wreak it can do to our skin and hair. The dry, cold air causes our hair to be zapped of moisture leaving it dry, damaged, and prone to breakage. Here are some tips to prepare you for this chilly season and what you can do to “undo” the winter damage.

Avoid Hot Showers

Don't we all love to have nice hot showers during winter? Sadly, hot showers are not ideal for cold weather. Hot water strips your skin and hair of its natural oils faster than warm water, hot water “burns” the keratin (protein) in your hair. Yikes! The high temperature opens up hair pores, making hair loose at the roots, thus leading to more hair fall. Instead, take short warm showers of no longer than 10-minutes.

Shampoo Less Frequently

Your scalp gets drier and itchier during winter due to lack of moisture in the air. This can result in scalp issues such as dandruff and scalp irritation that leads to hair loss. Retain moisture and natural hair oils by shampooing every 2-3 days while using a nourishing shampoo followed by a rich conditioner. If you do experience scalp issues such as flaking, redness, or itchiness, it is best to get a professional scalp treatment in the hair salon. A proper diagnosis can help to identify the right issue and treatment can give immediate relief and improve your scalp health.

Proper Conditioning And Regular Treatments

This step is a must-have during winter. Use a moisture-packed conditioner after each shampoo to help nourish the frizzy ends. After shampoo, rinse thoroughly and squeeze away the excess water. Apply the conditioner from mid to ends, focusing mostly on the ends. Massage the conditioner in and leave it for a few minutes before rinsing off. Take note not to apply conditioner to your scalp, unless it is a conditioner meant for dry scalps. Applying a hair conditioner to your scalp can clog the hair pores, leading to many scalp problems.

At least once to twice a week, use a hair mask that is rich in vitamins and nutrients. Wrap your hair with a disposable shower cap or towel for 10 to 15-minutes before rinsing it off. An alternative is an in-salon hair treatment that treats the hair from the inside out. Regular treatments will do wonders to keep your tresses soft and silky, fighting the winter blues.

Frizz Control

After shampoo, use a light hair oil or leave-in treatment before combing through. Start with a single pump, then warm the hair oil or leave-in treatment in your palms before applying it on your hair. Focus on the mid to ends of your hair. It is highly recommended to ensure your hair is dry before stepping outdoors as the cold air makes wet hair prone to breakage. Using a hairdryer with medium to low heat setting, dry your hair roots first before moving on the mid and ends. Finished with another small pump of hair oil and leave-in treatment to seal the moisture.

Regular Trims

Get regular trims during winter months, stretching no more than six weeks. Snipping away dry ends, and split ends will help reduce breakage during this season, making your hair more manageable.

By Ashley Soh


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