I wonder if there in Beijing any male prostitutes who serve white women? In 2007 my German girlfriend went astray with a thai gigolo during our Thailand holiday. A humiliating experience, which I never will forget and I went public about this taboo subject (google: "my girlfriend had paid sex with a thai boy") On the other hand it triggered that I now take asian serious as competitors for white girls. Rainer
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Some guys can barely get it...some guys can get it ...some can get it easy...some guys cannot get it at all so they rely on the pros. And then there are the guys who don't know how to say what they want or get embarassed about it so they usually go to the pros too. Going to pros is a step in the "beta" direction.
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Come on guys, you're grown men in Beijing, not 17 year-olds in Magaluf !!

Hot damn, I got quoted in city weekend! I'm sending this link home to mom.

Nice column, J.Haagen! Still hoping I can get an early look at
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"56,000 RMB a month on prostitutes"? That guy has definitely fulfilled his "Chu nan dream."

I am not the native speaker, so I can not enjoy the criticized tone from the article. But this writing really let me to think a lot. China can fulfill every one's dream, ur American dream, European dream, and my Chinese dream, and even those men's Chu nan dream.

chaagen, you misunderstand. I wasn't poking fun at the girls. I love the girls! Now, I know where to get more of them! BLURPOOM!

to elaborate on jennwong's comment: our male coworker is this meek, Chinese designer who scurried off looking bemused and embarassed.

Blurpooom, I worry that you didn't understand the article. While maybe it is alright to joke about these sorts of things in the privacy of your own "Frat House", I find it very offensive that you would break up intellectual discussion with your "Joke". Jonathan Haagen has uncovered a great, no, monumental injustice, and you choose to use this as an attempt to poke fun at these poor girls. Bravo Jonathan, Boo Blurpoom.
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jeez louise. i was just reciting the article to dan, including the 'wo shi chu nan' part, only to have my male coworker come in at the exact moment. cheers, johnny!

Thanks for the link! jhaagen is the MAN!
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alas, its been blocked, already! ;p
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Elyse, if you are really interested, you can check out my other blog
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My gut reaction is to say "I think its sad that men have to pay for sex in Asia, one of the easiest places to get laid" but then I think, maybe thats just it... if you're paying for it with cash, up front, there's something more honest than the odd one night stand where she may or may not even be all that good in bed. When are we gonna get online forums for gigolo services in Beijing? City Weekend, any future blogs planned for men on the make? ;)