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Hutong Hustler: Thomas Talhelm helps launch Street Hustle Promotions

**How did you get into party promotion?**
One day I got a text from my friend Fluff asking, “If you were promoting Kanye West, how would you do it?” A week later, Fluff explained he had told the Kanye people he had a street-level promotions team, and we were going to work together to promote it. Fluff’s primary motivation had been to get into Kanye for free. **So that’s how Street Hustle Promotions was born?**
A few months later, we were thinking how easy it had been to get that first gig. We thought about ways to do more buzz marketing, target student audiences and get people talking. Fluff, our friend Will and I put our heads together and decided to do something bigger. **You’ve thrown some huge parties with [Club LA](http://www.cityweekend.com.cn/beijing/listings/nightlife/nightclub/has/la-club/). How did that get started?**
We told them, we’d throw an event and show them what we could do. It was risky because we did all the prep work on spec. At 11pm, no one was there, and we were sweating. By 1am, there was a line out the door, and people were spilling into the parking lot. **So, how has promoting parties changed your social life?**
It’s paradoxical. On one hand, I’m never busy writing articles on a Friday night. On the other, I’m too busy working at a party to let loose with friends. It’s probably more fun to have a friend in promotion than to do it yourself. *Street Hustle Promotion’s next [Club LA Beach Party](http://www.cityweekend.com.cn/beijing/events/48855/) is Friday, July 10, 10pm. ¥50, Tel: 159-0120-1771, Web: [www.streethustlepromotions.com](http://www.streethustlepromotions.com)*

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