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Interview and Video: The FLYX Tells Us Why Punk is Life

The FLYX, one of Beijing’s top emerging punk bands, perform regularly at D-22 and are known throughout Beijing’s underground punk scene for their heart, head-bangingly good songs, and excellent musicianship. We got to hang out with Luo (lead singer, rhythm guitar), Cao (lead guitar), Xu (bass), and Yu (drums) during one of their rehearsals and learn more about their background (including a wedding at D-22), music, and their upcoming shows (see below for details).

**The FLYX performing at D-22 on Thursday, July 30, 2009:**

**How’d the band get started and how do you all know each other?**
Luo and Yu were friends and formed the band a year ago with Xu, who we responded through an online ad for a bass player. We were friends with Cao, who used to play lead guitar in Cold Case, another punk band we are friends with. This line-up you see today, has been playing together since April. **How would you guys describe your sound?**
We’re punk. Energy, and power. **So what does punk mean to you?**
A lot of people think punk is an image or a type of sound. To us, punk is doing whatever you want, regardless of what other people think. **Can you describe your influences, some bands that you like to listen to?**
Luo: Anti-Flag. If there’s one band we collectively like the most, it would have to be Anti-Flag. Both for their sound and their idealogy. I really respect how even when they got signed to a major label, nothing changed about their music.
Cao: Metallica
Xu: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Anti-Flag
Yu: Dream Theater, Red Hot Chili Peppers **Do you think the type of music you play will change in the future?**
No. We’ll always be playing punk. We like how it is simple and powerful, and just plain exciting. **So where does your name “The FLYX” come from?**
FLYX stands for the first letter of our initials. Luo, Yu, and Xu. Feng, who was the “F”, has since left the band for personal reasons. **We heard one of you had your wedding at D-22 earlier this year. First, congratulations. Secondly, why did you choose D-22 for the wedding celebration?**
Luo: That’s right, I was married at D-22 this year. I figured that as a musician, it’d only be right to celebrate with all my friends at a rock venue like D-22. It was quite a party. A lot of different bands in the community were there that night. Many of the bands, including us, played that night. **Can you tell us how you write your songs?**
Luo and Cao jam together and write the songs and then rest of the band fills in their respective parts. **What are your songs about?**
Lots of different things…dreams, freedom, soured friendships, etc. **Why do you write and perform your songs in English, versus in Chinese?**
It feels better. We think the songs should mostly be in English. It sounds better and it just doesn’t sound the same if you sing in Chinese. **Any plans for a recording?**
Yes, we want to, but making a quality recording will have to wait until we have some more money for the undertaking. **We noticed during the end of your rehearsal, you guys played a lot of different types of music – metal, funk, etc. – how come you don’t play any songs from those genres?**
We like and can play other styles of music. However, we’ll always play punk. To us, punk is our whole life.
**Details on upcoming shows:**
1) Haidian Park, August 9th, 4pm. 2) “We Live at D-22” with 24 Hours, Birdstriking, and The Reason. D-22, August 15th, 10pm. Check out the band's [MySpace](http://www.myspace.cn/theflyx) for more information

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Nice interview. Does it really sound different to sing in Chinese? There are definitely bands that sing in Chinese but have an American indie style of playing. The Gar comes to mind.
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