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Interview: Cocktail Master Bob Louison Talks About His Dessert Cocktail Class This Saturday

Since offering their first cocktail class last month, Bob Louison and Ariel Tang have quickly made waves in Beijing's nightlife community. In March, the pair has two not-to-be-missed cocktail lessons at Havana Bar in The Grand Millennium Hotel. Looking forward to this Saturday's class, we called up the master mixologist to ask about his lesson plans. **What should we aspiring mixologists expect this Saturday?**
This Saturday, we will be working with dessert cocktails. Instead of ordering a dessert at a restaurant, you can order a dessert cocktail or a dessert cocktail and a dessert. **So, what cocktails are we going to learn to make?**
We'll be doing the "Baby 52" chocolate martini, a strawberry cheesecake martini and a tanghulu (hawthorne berry) cocktail of our own invention. That one is a lot of fun. Also, there will be a Grand Marnier shooter with brownie. Grand Marnier, I should also mention, is our sponsor. **Wow. So, there will be brownies? And cake?**
There will be. We’ve asked our sponsor, Peppes Pizza, to provide desserts for pairing this time. **What all will we learn—in addition to how to make the cocktails?**
We teach how to shake, stir and pour like professional bar tenders do. We teach all the basics, how to use the Boston shaker and other tools. Then, we teach how to make the cocktails, and everyone gets to drink his or her own creation. **Do we need to bring any equipment or anything?**
No, we provide everything. And at the end of class, if a student wants, we sell bar tending sets for ¥250, which include everything you need: Boston shaker, glass, bar spoon, strainer, 1 ounce jigger and two speed pourers. **Alright. That's not a bad deal.**
And the class is just ¥220. We hope to see you there. **DETAILS**
Saturday, March 14, at [Havana Bar](http://www.cityweekend.com.cn/beijing/listings/nightlife/bars/has/havana-bar/?most_viewed=1), 5-7pm
Saturday, March 28, at [Havana Bar](http://www.cityweekend.com.cn/beijing/listings/nightlife/bars/has/havana-bar/?most_viewed=1), 5-7pm
Tel: RSVP, 150-103-52077 ( English), 138-1178-7292 (中文)
How much: ¥220 per person

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