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Man Learns Hard Lesson About Bullying

Just Don't Pick A Fight

Recently a brief (but shocking) video has been circling the internet of what appears to be a bully getting kicked to death by his victim.



Filmed by a bystander, the man in yellow in the video seems to be verbally attacking and pushing the man in red who backs away. The man in yellow throws the man in red onto the ground, then it all changed. The man in red jumps up and goes into a fighting stance, and delivers a kick to the face that leaves the man in yellow in full body spasms on the ground. 


Last week rumors flew around the net with accusations that the fatal blow to the head left the man in yellow with permanent brain damage and some rumored that he died as a result of the kick. The rumor mill circled so hard that there were even reports of the man in red being sentenced to life in prison for involuntary manslaughter.


According to The Paper, although the kick looked bad, it wasn’t enough to do permanent damage. The chairman of a local fight club told reports that the kick triggered muscle spasms in the man in yellow that, although left him incapacitated to continue the fight, left no lasting damages. Maybe just a bit to his pride.


What caused this viral fight? An argument over a parking space … The man in yellow, a Muay Thai practitioner, picked a fight with the man in red over parking. Unfortunately for him, the man in red (though smaller) was an MMA instructor and freestyle fighting champion. 


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