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Mother Unwillingly Kills Disabled Son

Pulling netizens' heartstrings


Murder is wrong, but sometimes things aren’t so black and white. Earlier this week in Guangzhou a murder trial involving an 83-year old mother of two who had confessed to killing her son brought tears to our eyes.


Mrs. Huang confessed to killing her 46-year old disabled son by feeding him sleeping pills, smothering him with cotton pads, and strangling him with a silk scarf. It wasn’t the murder itself, but the reason behind it that brought tears to the courtroom and tore at the heartstrings of netizens around the country.


The 83-year old Huang explained that she felt like she had no other options. “I’m afraid that I will pass away ahead of him so that I cannot take care of him. I’ve been struggling for almost a week and then I decided to feed him sleeping pills. To end his painful life is better than to have him suffer. He is my son. I never disliked nor avoided him. I’ve never thought of giving up on him before but I cannot afford to look after him recently as I’m getting older.”



Huang’s son Li was born premature and diagnosed with poor brain development and osteomalacia. He was unable to speak his entire life and cannot manage to live on his own. As he got older his condition worsened and was no longer able to move due to muscle atrophy.


When the courts asked Huang why she didn’t feel like she could leave Li in the care of his older brother when he passes, she was firm in her answer that “[Li] didn’t ask to be born. He didn’t ask for the disability and it would be unfair to his brother to leave him with such a burden.”



It’s unfair to say Huang was a bad mother. Neighbors tried multiple times to convince her to send her son to a welfare institution but Huang refused, saying that she could take care of her son better than anyone. She retired at the age of 47 to care for her disabled son full-time.


"Mom’s crime cannot be mentioned in the same breath as homicide. She wanted to extricate him from suffering. In her heart, she did not want to injure my younger brother," Li’s older brother argued in court and in an attempt for leniency for his mother. 


The court sentenced Huang three years of imprisonment with parole due to her confession, stating that this case was different from one committed out of hatred, that this case was a murder out of love. But, no matter the intent, no one can deprive another of the right to live – including parents.


Source: China Global Television Network


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