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New Regulations for WeChat Groups

How bad is it?

There have been some new regulations regarding the management of WeChat groups. All those businesses and hobby group creators will now need to regulate the conduct of their chat groups in accordance with the new regulations from the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) as of October 8th but there have already been reports of groups administrators facing suspension from social media. 


The new regulations will span over a variety of popular Chinese social media platforms including WeChat QQ, Weibo, and Alipay chat. 


Once the new regulations are in place it will become the responsibility of the group creator (or administrator if the group is passed from one to another) regulate the conduct of the group members. 


What does this mean?

While sending your funny giffs are still ok, in depth discussions regarding the spread of pornography, violence, fraud, obscenity, etc. Chat group administrators who fail to fulfill their duties will be subject to temporary suspension from social media.


So far the popular celebrity gossip accounts have already been removed. It’s unclear at the moment if the regulation will be applicable to chat groups of all sizes. Will this be the end of harmless banter amongst a few friends over WeChat or is the regulation only geared toward large groups who frequently discuss sensitive topics?


Only time will tell. 


Source: www.ecns.cn


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