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New Winter Menu At The Georg

Incredible recipes with simple ingredients


The Georg cast its spell once again, and this time it is the seasonal produce that is highlighted in their new menu.


Undoubtedly, it is one of our favorite places, and their new seasonal dishes like always are impeccable. Their concept of minimalism and highlighting one ingredient in each dish is praiseworthy.


We popped a piece of frog leg popcorn and a red pepper tart into our mouth while glancing their new menu. Besides the 13 seasonal dishes, they have six of their classics that have made a come back on popular demand and two sharing dishes like the slow cooked veal served with seasonal veggies or the NZ lamb rack dressed in truffle sauce and celery root.


We decided to go with the seasonal dishes. Be the baby lobster, the monkfish, or the Iberico pork all of them had one single ingredient that was the star of the recipe; it is like that supporting actor without whom the movie would lose its pace. In case of the baby lobster (¥215), it was the pumpkin. A perfect seasonal vegetable that is commonly found during this season. From pickled pumpkin to pumpkin butter, to roasted pumpkin puree everything in sunshine orange surrounded the lobster. The speckles of saffron added the bright red hue and turned it spectacular. Surprisingly each form of pumpkin tasted different. The pickle was slightly sweet and tangy, the roasted pumpkin puree added the burnt flavor, and the pumpkin butter had a velvety texture, which complimented the succulent baby lobster.



Similarly, the Monkfish (¥130) was served with leek in different forms- grilled, fried, caramelized and dust along with a delicate white wine sauce. The tender Iberico pork (¥130) was served next, snuggled within a thin wrap of red cabbage and apple slices, apple wafers drizzled with a buttery sauce and white foam. For the dessert, it was a wobbly slice of caramel jelly coating the extremely creamy rhubarb ice cream, red wine foam and strawberry wafers and dust with a dash of saffron (¥78), needless to say, it was gorgeous as well as delicious.


It takes ingenuine culinary skills to create such minimalistic recipes of that incredible taste and appearance. And, The George has it all!


45 Dongbuyaoqiao Hutong, Di’anmen Dong Dajie





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