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NGCCGT's Strategy Laser Tag

Tag, You're It!


Nothing could have prepared us for what we were about to go up against. We got super hyped to fight as a team and cream the enemy team. Some of us even had some one-liners ready for keeping morale high like “On my signal unleash hell.” The real honest truth is that we weren’t even close to any of those hyped dreams we were living in our heads.



NGCCGT is the real deal, it’s not mindless lunatics with laser guns and buzz vests shooting lasers in a dark room making it look like a rave party on acid. It’s a legit tactical game you play against the zee Nazis. Your team is split into classes from assault to sniper. Each of the classes has a specific role they play. Once everyone is dressed up and geared up you head upstairs where the action begins.



You go from room to room, finding information about the ultimate battle you're about have. As you burst into the room you will have to stop yourself from going guns blazing killing everyone in the room. Not everyone is a bad guy. Some have vital information that will help you for the final mission.



If you complete every mission properly will gain a prize. If you’re in a spot of trouble have the bonus, a fluffy teddy bear will come out of nowhere with machine guns to mow down the enemies for you. If you don’t succeed, you can try again next time.  There are ten different scenarios to play out, and you better hurry. Just a tip if your team is bigger than ten players one of your teammates is a spy and can kill you all.


NGCCGT Center, Ledi W enchuang Yuan, Guan Zhuang Cun, Wangsiying Xiang, Chaoyang District


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