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Nutty Superstitions

We’re all slaves to the superstitions


There are some really weird superstitions floating out in the world. Although, it seems like an endless list of do’s and don’ts that have no real legitimate reasoning, we continue to religiously follow them. Perhaps it’s simply a greater force that can’t be explained. At the end of the day, superstitions stand as a significant part in the framework of culture and in a way, identity. Something as mystical as superstitions have become real and normal to those who walk this Earth, regardless of cultural background, race, or nationality; that’s something powerful.

With Friday the 13th out to get us, we think it’s appropriate to go through 13 bizarre superstitions that you may or may not have known about.

1. The Odd Bunch

If you’re giving flowers to your loved one, don’t get the dozen. Get the 13. Gifting an even amount of flowers allegedly translates to a sign of death. You also need to ask yourself, is your partner is into yellow flowers? If yes, something might be up because yellow flowers represent infidelity, at least in Russia they do. Stay awake, friends.

2. South Korean Fan Death

It’s ingrained in South Korean heads that going to sleep with their fan(s) on in their room will bring them death. The belief is so deep-seated that even medical professionals in the country can’t shake it off. Sounds like something from the fantasy world.

3. The Milky Way

Indians are famous for their superstitions, from black cats bringing bad luck to having to avoid cutting your nails on Sundays. Another crazy one is the bowl of milk that will determine your marriage dynamic. Typically, a ring is placed inside a bowl of milk and the bride and groom is asked to fish the bowl until one of them is in possession of the ring. The ring chooses the spouse that will wear the pants in the relationship. Not happy with the ring’s choice? Too late.

4. Pick Knits

You're advised to avoid knitting on your doorstep during the later months, as this will bring about a long winter. Why you'd choose to knit outside in the dead of winter at all is anyone's guess.

5. Soul Searchin’

Mongolians are enveloped in a nomadic culture. There’s never a lone Mongol traveller, because it’s believed that their souls travel too. Mongolian souls endlessly travel through the body, a different spot everyday. This means getting a haircut is a major risk. If you’re really worried, pop by your family witch doctor to find out where your soul is headed today.

6. Dutch Table Etiquette

When in the Netherlands if you sing at the dinner table, you are invoking the devil to the dinner, so don’t.

7. Don’t Slip

In Vietnam, a very popular belief is that students should avoid bananas before sitting exams. Bananas are slippery and the word “slip” sounds very similar to the Vietnamese word for “fail.”

8. At All Costs

It is considered a bad sign if your purse or wallet touches the floor. The common belief is that this can make you poor.

9. Cracks

Stepping on a crack on pavement is said to break your mother’s back.

10. Classic Russia

Drop a glass: someone will wish you good luck.

Drop a fork or knife: a mysterious man will visit your house.

Drop a spoon: an unexpected woman will arrive at your house.

Don’t shake hands over a threshold, this will invite bad spirits to your house.

11. Wild

Pregnant women shouldn't visit a zoo because the baby will probably end up looking like one of the animals.

12. Water Him/Her

It's a good idea to spill some water behind a person who's going to a job interview, headed out on a journey, or any sort of endeavor, really. The movement of water's said to symbolize fluidity and motion; just don't spill it on their pants, as that might come off as another type of fluid.

13. Thirteen

There’s no explanation for this one, the number thirteen was just deemed unlucky by those before us.


Have a happy Friday the 13th and stay safe out there.



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