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Our New Celebrity Columnist Takes on Beijing's Working Girls

Dr. Hedy W. Lee (李文), a native New Yorker, bravely moved to Beijing in 2002 and is now an author, bilingual professor, TV commentator, consumer advocate and watchdog. She currently does business etiquette training with Fortune 500 companies. Every two weeks she takes on the formidable task of whipping Beijing into shape. I’m sure most foreign men in Beijing have experienced being harassed, threatened, coerced, sweet-talked, robbed, lied to and verbally abused by working girls. These days,** the smart ones do not stand on the street and instead can be found in Beijing’s classiest bars**. All the same girls at all the same spots. I often ask myself: since the authorities are cracking down on “yellow business,” why don’t they crack down on these bars? When I can’t even have a decent conversation at a bar without them harassing my friends, or taking all the seats, or **monopolizing the free drinks at ladies night**, I get upset. So for you guys out there who don’t have a clue how the oldest profession works, here’s my guide to spotting a working girl: Nice, well mannered girls don’t put their purses on the bar.
Nice, well mannered girls don’t sip on one Coke all night.
Nice, well mannered girls don’t dance provocatively by themselves at the bar (unless totally drunk).
Nice, well mannered girls do not pretend to be an office lady or innocent student—yes we know those are not real glasses.
Nice, well mannered girls don’t have cheap perfume, fake bags, fake boobs, peeled off nail polish, fake clothes, smoky and malatang-smelling hair, or yellow teeth laughing like a hyena.
Nice, well mannered girls don’t give secret signals across bars telling other girls which guys not to be bother with.
Nice, well mannered girls don’t flirt with you like you are the hottest man in the bar and then tell you how much for a night.
Nice, well mannered girls don’t look at their mobile phones every five minutes.
Nice, well mannered girls don’t ask you to buy her Champagne all night.
Nice, well mannered girls don’t start bargaining with you like a fruit vendor when it’s 3am and the bar is lighting up.
Nice, well mannered girls don’t yell or stare you down when you refuse them.

**If these clues don’t help, then you have no one to blame when you wake up to find your wallet missing or a transvestite next to you**. I myself live in the most expensive hotel serviced apartments in Beijing. I once was followed home by a gigolo, as well as a drunk psycho, who secretly passed through hotel and residence security to knock on my door at 4am! So my next article may be how to spot a gigolo, psycho and a transvestite. If you’re interested in all the juicy details, please email me at drhedylee@hotmail.com.

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