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PR Nightmare: Ctrip Accused of Child Abuse


Known for their low prices on airlines and hotels, CTrip has been making travel planning cheap and easy for years, but today, they’re in the headlines for a whole different reason.


A CTrip owned and operated kindergarten in Shanghai is been exposed. The teachers are caught on camera systematically feeding 10-months old children with mustard, spraying disinfectant in their eyes, and pushing children to the ground. This isn’t an incident with one deranged teacher, it’s a system set up by the kindergarten itself. 




One child is caught on video being pushed by the teacher causing her to stumble and knock her head on the corner of a table. All while three other teachers watched.


The teachers are supposed to protect them, but instead, they’re physically and mentally tormenting these children. Another video shows a boy crying and a teacher forcing a spoonful of mustard into his mouth as punishment.



The children at the kindergarten are all under the age of two, some just learning to speak but most unable to express themselves in full sentences yet. For months these kids endured the torment in silence.


Ctrip has issued an official statement of apology and has terminated the employment of the teachers involved as well as requested for a full police investigation. During the press conference, a frustrated mother demanded justice for her child. “My baby is only 17 months old. I can see from the hidden camera video that the teacher fed him half a tube of mustard in half an hour. He pooped six times in an hour and the teacher never changed his diaper! Instead, she sprays disinfectant in his eyes and mouth!”



Through further investigation police discovered that the kindergarten has a ‘system’ for dealing with children. The kids were fed sleeping pills, put into solitary confinement, and pent up in cages. One child is reported to be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and is currently seeing counseling. 


One little boy showed blatant physical injuries.  He was seen on camera being dragged off to a corner – off camera. From the video, you can hear the students saying he was being beaten. “There’s been a bump on the child’s forehead and he’s been crying for days.”, says his father.



The kindergarten is still undergoing further investigations. It begs the questions: why didn’t parents notice the abuse sooner? If there is camera in the classroom, why weren’t these teachers stopped sooner?


Source: iQiYi, Mi Meng 


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