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Readers' Choice 2017: Beijing's Favorite Restaurants

We asked you for Beijing's outstanding dining options. Here's who won!

At our recent City Weekend Readers' Choice Awards, we celebrated Beijing's favorite dining hotspots. Here's who won! 

Outstanding American

Slow Boat Brewery
Judged based on its finger lickin’ good burgers, cold brews, and all around fun ambiance, Slow Boat Brewery takes home the title of the city’s favorite American dining spot. Walking into either of the two Slow Boat locations, it’s like you’ve temporarily taken a little vacay back to the US of A.

Honorable Mention: Great Leap Brewing (6, 12, or 45)
Editor’s Pick:
Home Plate BBQ. Consistently down-to-earth good BBQ.


Outstanding Mexican/Tex-Mex

Avocado Tree
They're is all about the classics. Keep it classic, keep it simple, and most importantly, keep it good. These guys don't compromise when it comes to authenticity. Serving up big portions of burritos and salads at very generous prices, it's no wonder these guys have made such a strong reputation for themselves. With a loyal group of regulars that swear by their food, we’re glad to see that their commitment to service, quality, and taste have paid off. Congrats! 

Honorable Mention: Q Mex
Editor’s Pick: Taco Bar. What’s not to love about Taco Bar? Chill people, great food, and a bunch of seriously boozy cocktails. 


Outstanding Café

Théatre Tea
Webster’s Dictionary defines a café as a small and informal establishment that serves up various refreshments. Surprisingly enough, this year’s readers’ favorite café in the city doesn’t actually serve any coffee. Théatre Tea and their wide selection of teas, desserts, and quick bites in a beautifully chic setting designed to be featured on Instagram (or your WeChat moments) is taking over our news feed and our bellies.

Honorable Mention: Café Zarah
Editor’s Pick: Kempi Deli. A classic favorite, Kempi Deli has been serving up steaming out coffee, freshly baked pretzels, and croissants for years. 


Outstanding French

TRB Hutong
A favorite amongst locals and visitors, TRB has made a name for themselves with their impeccable service and great food. They've found the perfect blend of the past and the present, serving up modern French cuisine in historical Chinese ambiance. Dining at TRB is definitely a treat and is by no means a cheap meal, but even with their prices and fine service they’ve managed to keep the atmosphere of the restaurant light and down-to-earth. 

Honorable Mention: Maison Flo
Editor’s Pick: Brasserie 1893. A restaurant with great service, creative concepts, and consistent quality dishes. We can’t wait to see what’s next. 


Outstanding Spanish or Mediterranean

Fu Tapas & Bar
With fun events, great tapas, and a Fu-king great selection of wine, this hutong dining spot has become a dinner party destination heavy weight in the city. This (almost) hidden spot is a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the busy city. Keeping to their name, these guys serve up quick and delicious bites that’ll keep you pouring, bottle after bottle. 

Honorable Mention: Sureño
Editor’s Pick: Mosto. Who doesn’t love getting boozy at Mosto? We love these guys for turning up their game a notch and constantly creating new dishes, keeping the dining fun every time. 


Outstanding Indian

Taj Pavilion
With three great locations (Guo Mao, Shunyi, and Lido), Taj Pavilion has become the first place to come to mind when you’re in the mood for Indian food. The restaurants keep it classic and simple with their consistent menu and service. Managed by foodies passionate about what they do, Taj Pavilion provides a fun and casual dining environment that’s filled with delicious food and perfect for a night out with friends. 

Honorable Mention: Redfort
Editor’s Pick: Punjabi. Punjabi ventures beyond cliché Indian cuisine and introduces the city to the current dining trends of Mumbai.


Outstanding Hutong Dining

White Tiger Village
With a shop that serves up great noodle soup, wontons, classic jiachangcai, and meat-and-vegetable chuanr, this hutong favorite and the charismatic Nathan Zhang have won over our hearts and our stomachs. Everything about the place is the definition of hutong dining: wall art by Plastered 8, cold Jing-A brews, and good food. 

Honorable Mention: Palms L.A. Kitchen & Bar
Editor’s Pick: Hatchery. True to their concept, Hatchery has been coming up with great comfort foods one after another, with Mighty Mo’s delicious mussels, Common Burger, and their non-stop fun events. 


Outstanding Italian (Hotel)

Mio (Four Seasons)
For years now Mio at the Four Seasons has been wowing us with their creative menu concepts and execellent food and service. Under the guidance of Aniello Turco, the restaurant has achieved numerous awards and recognition both in China and abroad. The chef’s boyish charms speak through his food, making a dining experience at Mio one of a kind.

Honorable Mention: Barolo (Ritz-Carlton Beijing)
Editor’s Pick: Casalingo (JW Marriot). With the concept of “uniquely crafted Italian” in mind, Casalingo offers an inpressive selection of wines to go with their menu. 


Outstanding Italian

Tiago Home Kitchen 
Step aside: There’s a new household name for Italian home cooking in town. Tiago Home Kitchen and their extensive menu of reasonably priced dishes has become a favorite in the city amongst locals and expats alike. Enjoy great lunch deals on their pizzas or splurge (just a bit) and opt for a taste of their recently added tomahawk steak. 

Honorable Mention: La Dolce Vita
Editor’s Pick: Fiorentina Italian Restaurant & Music Garden. Bringing together great food and amazing ambiance is a winning combination. 


Outstanding for Families

Kerry's Kitchen
Aside from the great food and staff there’s somehing that really makes Kerry’s Kitchen the go-to spot for families. Hang out with Jia Bao while the parents dine and play in the famous Adventure Zone.

Honorable Mention: Din Tai Fung
Editor’s Pick: Waterside Yanqi Hotel. Dine lakeside in Huairou. Not only does Waterside have multiple stations of great food to choose from, the view (and weekend getaway option) is unbeatable.


Outstanding Regional Chinese Cuisine

Country Kitchen
This is the epitome of a restaurant with chefs who really know Northern Chinese cuisine. The beautiful interior design comes only second to the food. The noodle station serves up great hand-pulled noodles and a few classic jiachangcai that makes dining at Country Kitchen the definition of casual fine dining. 

Honorable Mention: 8 Qi Nian
Editor’s Pick: Choy's Seafood. Highlighting Sichuan and Cantonese flavors, Marriot Northeast's signature Chinese restaurant is all about combining the traditional with the modern.


Outstanding Hotel Dining

East, Beijing
Their young and enthusiastic team have won the hearts (and stomachs) of the city’s foodies. With family friendly outlets, a great bar, and creative dining concepts all year long, it’s no wonder the city has picked East as its favorite hotel for food. 

Honorable Mention: Nuo Hotel Beijing 
Editor’s Pick:
Sunrise Kempinski. Not only does the Sunrise Kempinski provide great food but they’re also the perfect weekend getaway. A trip to Huairou accompanied by dining at View Restaurant and Waterside are just what you need to reenergize your body and mind. 


Outstanding Middle Eastern

“Simply delicious” should be the slogan of Bitapitta. Let’s be honest: The décor and environment isn’t what keeps us going back to Bitapitta time after time. Here it’s all about simplicity and just plain good food and drinks. We’re a firm believer that you don’t need to be over-the-top fancy with exotic ingredients or lavish presentation to be delicious. This small joint keeps it simple with great hummus and falafel year after year. 

Honorable Mention: Moxi Moxi 
Editor’s Pick:
Caravan. Proving that you don't need to be fancy to be good. It's always a night of great food and cocktails at Caravan.


Outstanding Outdoor Dining

Capital M
The view from Capital M is one of a kind. Where else can you enjoy an amazing meal with a view of the Forbidden City? 

Honorable Mention: Feast (Food by East) 
Editor’s Pick: Napa. Pet friendly inside and out, Napa is the our go-to spot for dining with the family or with your fur babies. The food is simple, healthy, and down-to-earth. 


Outstanding Japanese

Beyond Yakitori
This newbie to the dining scene has really made a name for themselves in the recent months and found a place in our hearts for when we want great food and a “welcome home” feeling. With funky fusion creations, happy and energetic service, they go beyond yakitori (pardon the pun) and bring the Sanlitun area super yummy lunch sets.

Honorable Mention: Sake Manzo
Editor’s Pick: Hatsune. Their rolls are the true homey comfort food of any Southern Californian in Beijing. The fusion rolls are what Californians grew up with and damn, they're good! 


Chef of the Year

Marino D'Antonio
Needless to say, the city’s favorite chef is incredibly talented and a true master at his craft. But one of the many reasons that we (along with the rest of the city) love him is his humility. Never arrogant, never boastful, Marino welcomes each and every guest to
Opera Bombana with genuine sincerity, great food, and true Italian hospitality. We love you. 

Honorable Mention: Li Dong (Jing Yaa Tang)
Editor’s Pick: Talib Hudda. The young talent has made a name for himself in Beijing with his innovative dishes and charming good looks. We can’t wait to see all the great changes to come at


Outstanding Steakhouse

Grill 79
Great Wagyu steaks cooked to tender juicy perfection aside, Grill 79 has an unparalleled view from the 79th floor of the China World Trade Center Summit Wing. It’s enough to make a dining experience there a treat for the eyes as well as the stomach.

Honorable Mention: Steak House
Editor’s Pick: Char Bar & Grill. Bringing back the classics at great prices and quality. We love Char for all its unfussy and just plain good menu options. It’s relaxing and easy-going, just how dining should be.


Outstanding Southeast Asian

Susu and their beautiful hutong location have won us over time after time. The food's light and flavorful and the drinks pack a real punch. Now with the opening of 小SuSu, we can’t wait to have another spot to eat their great pho. 

Honorable Mention: Saigon Mama
Editor’s Pick: Malacca Legend. Its great central location makes getting a taste of Peranakkan and Nyonya cuisine ever so easy. 


Outstanding Pizza

Tube Station
The city’s largest pizza is the also the tastiest, according to our readers. The days of pizza and beer parties will never die. Tube Station’s pizza are the center of every house party we want to attend. 

Honorable Mention: La Pizza 
Editor’s Pick:
Pizza Saporita. Formerly known as Pizza+ these guys have no = in our book. Pizzas and desserts mixed with a great selection of wines make it a great combo for comfort food in the city. 


Outstanding New Restaurant of the Year

Beyond Yakitori
Congratulations to this newcomer on the F&B scene! In the short time they've been opened they’ve earned their place in the hearts of yakitori fanatics all over the city. Serving up skewer after skewer of their own spin on classic Japanese snack/drinking foods all night long. 

Honorable Mention: Home Grounds 
Editor’s Pick: Char Dining Room & Lounge. This new addition to the Sanlitun dining scene offers guests a great location to unwine, dine, and relax. 


Chinese Restaurant of the Year

Din Tai Fung
Serving up great dim sum year after year. It's delicious fun every time you visit. We've been big fans of Din Tai Fung for years and we can't wait for more great dishes from their kitchen. 

Honorable Mention: Country Kitchen
Editor’s Pick: Quanjude. Sometimes you don't need to be fancy to be delicious. We love that Quanjude keeps it classic year after year. 


Outstanding Brunch

Ricci Café
Gone are the days when a great brunch was defined by how many stations or how much fresh seafood it had. The new rage is all about comfort (and comfort food, of course). Waffles, eggs bennie, burgers, pastas, and coffee (or a few glasses of Champagne) are the essentials for a carb-filled lazy morning of slow-paced dining and gossip. 

Honorable Mention: N'Joy
Editor’s Pick: Bistrot B. Casual and delicious, Bistrot B makes brunching enjoyable and relaxing for the whole family. 


Outstanding Healthy Eats

Glo Kitchen + Fitness 
Get fit and eat healthy. The perfect combo for a health conscious lifestyle. Glo makes refueling after your workout fun, fast, and oh so yummy. 

Honorable Mention: Tribe
Editor’s Pick: Juice by Melissa. Known for their wide variety of juice cleanses in Beijing and healthy lifestyle events, JBM has become a Beijing household name. We can't wait to see what the JBM team has planned this year. 


Outstanding Thai

Pak Pak
For another year running, Pak Pak has been voted the city’s favorite Thai restaurant. Loved for their super attentive service and friendly staff, Pak Pak serves up a great seletion of cocktails that can rival any bar in the city as well as all of our favorite Thai classics (and then some). 

Honorable Mention: Purple Haze
Editor’s Pick: It's Pak Pak again!


Outstanding Buffet

With station after station of great food—from whole tunas to caviar—amazing service from a hard-working team, and constantly evolving promotions, the N’Joy buffet has never failed to satisfy. 

Honorable Mention: JW Kitchen
Editor’s Pick: Café on the 6th. We love hot pot. A hot pot buffet with endless goodies that also keep your clothes from stinking up is A-OK in our books. 


Outstanding Service

TRB Hutong 
For yet another year TRB’s great service is making a name for itself. In a city where passive or overbearing servers have become the norm, TRB’s solicitious waitstaff wins universal acclaim for their attention paid to every diner. From the moment the reservationist answers the phone to the send-off by the valets, the service experience is second to none. 

Honorable Mention: Opera Bombana
Editor’s Pick: Quyan Chinese Restaurant. For its team that never hesitates to introduce their new dishes to first timers and is always happy to accommodate special requests.


Outstanding for Romance

TRB Hutong 
The same winner of Outstanding Service is also the most romantic restaurant in the city. A romantic evening out isn't just about what going on the table, it’s a full sensory experience that combines service, ambiance, scents, and (of course) food. The team at TRB do their part in providing the attentive but not overbearing service so you can take a load off your shoulders and just be yourself on your date. 

Honorable Mention: Sureño
Editor’s Pick: Chapter. With a library style décor to gets you in the mood, dine in the company of history’s greatest love stories.


Restaurant of the Year

Beyond Yakitori
In the 2017 Readers’ Choice Awards, our readers have spoken and voted the Restaurant of the Year award to F&B newcomer Beyond Yakitori. Headed by the hard-working Chris Niu, the Beyond team and their creative fusion yakitoris have won us all over. 

Honorable Mention: TRB Hutong
Editor’s Pick: Opera Bombana. One of our favorites in the city, year after year. 
Beloved for their Italian fine dining and impeccable service, Opera Bombana is our go-to spot for a great night of food and wine.


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