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Should You Stay Friends With Your Ex When You’re In A New Relationship?

Hanging On


The Male View

No. There’s a reason why you distanced yourself from him/her to begin with — why would you want to feel that again? You’ve already given yourself entirely the first time around and look how that turned out. You just have to be honest with yourself and know your worth. Not to mention you’re in a new relationship! Clearly you’ve moved forward and can get on with your life. At the end of the day, the gravity of the past relationship and the impact its inflicted upon you has led you to a new relationship. In a way, the new relationship marks the end of a time together with your ex, a time that you should appreciate for what it was, the happiness it brought to you, and the fact that you had something important in your life. So that alone might be worth a little message or call, but accept that you’ve moved on.

Christian Neoh (18yrs old/Australian/single)



The Female View

While the most common break up line includes “but we can still stay friends?”, it’s not healthy. Although it might be hard to cut yourself off from your ex, the best way to get over the relationship is doing it cold turkey. You’ll miss the familiarity that you and your ex once shared - after all, you were in a relationship - but the best way to get over him/her and move on is to cut off ties. Emergency circumstances aside, when you’re in a new relationship, it’s respectful to your new partner to not bring up the ex. Usually people don’t like hanging out with someone who’s seen their new boy/girlfriend’s private bits.

Mina Yan (30yrs old/American/married)


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