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Smog: What You Can Do To Prevent The ill Effects

Beijing is a beautiful city with lots of touristy places to visit and helpful people on the street to guide you to your destination yet one thing that is highlighted is its infamous pollution. Come winter, and you can spot people with masks on their faces.


What will you do if you are sensitive towards smog?


1. Purchase a good mask. A mask with micron filter that snugly fits is a good one. Not all are equipped to filter the microscopic particles, which are often harmful, especially PM 2.5 smaller than 0.25 microns in size. Look into the label carefully. For example, if it reads 3M N95 it means the masks can filter 95-percent airborne particles larger than 0.3 microns.



2. Take the subway as much you can. The extensive subway network is a blessing in Beijing. You need not be stuck in traffic nor exposed to smog on the road.


3. Avoid exercising in the afternoon as that is the time when the air quality is at its worst. It’s best to shift your exercising schedule in the morning or, in the evening when the surface ozone is comparatively less.


4. Carry an inhaler if you have an asthmatic problem and consult a doctor whenever the issue deteriorates.


5. Avoid taking taxis, if you do, go for a shared one. Let us do our bit by booking a pool car on DiDi. Also, you can make some good friends on the way.


6. Keep away from smoking lounges. People tend to smoke more during the winter. Hence it would be a good idea to keep away from such places. 


7. Grow plants that purify indoor air. Plants always add freshness to the interior but did you know some plants can filter the air as well. Boston fern, peace lily, bamboo palm, and garden mum are few plants which do that. Next time you visit a nursery get one of them for your room.


8. Use bikes as much as you can. Biking is not only a good exercise but also does not emit any harmful fumes (avoid high traffic areas and afternoon time). Bike renting industry is here to stay.


9. The moment you get home from work or travel, go for a bath to get rid of the microbes and pollutants off yourself. Keep your shoes on the shoe rack and use a separate slipper at home. Keep a sanitizer handy.


10. Keep yourself well hydrated. Drink lots of water. This will help with avoiding congestion and dry cough. It also flushes out toxins absorbed in skin and nostrils.


11. The days your weather app shows air quality to be bad, keep the windows closed. Do wet mopping in your home. Use an air conditioner and air purifier at home.


12. If you drive your car, please check your emission level and refuel during cooler periods of the day or in the evening; this can prevent gas fumes from heating up and forming ozone.


Be the change you want to see in the world!



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