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For reasons that aren't entirely clear to us, Swire has decided to rename Sanlitun Village as Taikoo Li Sanlitun (三里屯太古里). Apparently Taikoo is the Chinese name for Swire, so it seems to be an exercise in branding. However, since Sanlitun Village is such an iconic place (and name), we wonder if it's a bit too late to make a change.

To celebrate this new name, they're offering a gift promotion. If you collect RMB1,500 in receipts from any shop in Taikoo Li Sanlitun, you'll receive a special edition Godiva chocolate box. Alternatively, you could just go to Godiva and buy yourself some chocolates for some (cheaper) instant gratification.

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siennapc's picture


They should always have had a Chinese name. I don't understand how many places here don't have a Chinese name or don't publicize their Chinese names. If you go to any big international hotel's website, they never list their Chinese names, but taxi drivers never know the English names. Good for corporate style guides, bad for consumers. I think the Village should definitely add a Chinese name, but changing the well-branded English name at this point is kind of awkward.


Chinese friends have always called it Taigu, so this rebranding effort seems aimed at English speakers. The Guangzhou one is called Taikoo Hui, so curious why it's "Li" in Bj. In any event, some trivia: these dudes also own Taikoo sugar, which is how they made their money in the first place.


I guess swire want to give respect to the chinese people to have a local name which makes chinese people feel more close to the new name.Also most chinese may find the new name more easy to spell and handle than sanlitun village. Before there was no chinese name of sanlitun village i guess.
amidanruo's picture


unsurprising, since swire's village-like development in guangzhou is called taikoo hui.
taylorjchang's picture


This is so silly and unnecessary. I don't see the point in changing the name because everyone is just going to continue to call is Sanlitun Village.
siennapc's picture


This is so super retarded. I wonder what all the businesses are going to do -- change all their brochures, menus, name cards, websites etc. so that customers are totally confused and think they moved? I can't imagine the new name will catch on. I've met people who think all of Sanlitun is called "The Village" because of the two malls' importance in the area. Now are we going to call the neighborhood "Taikoo"?
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