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Talking to Liam Gallagher

I go with the flow

Every once in a while a performer comes to Beijing that’s so phenomenal they’ve got the entire city chattering their name.


What’s your approach to writing music? Where do you find inspiration for your lyrics?

Everything that I’ve ever written about has been what’s gone on in my life, whether it’s the past, the present or the hopes I have for the future. I record all my ideas into a Dictaphone and anything that I find I keep coming back to, I’ll pursue it a little bit more. Lyrics I find very hard; melody comes easily and obviously I’m limited with my guitar playing but I seem to do ok.

Of all the songs you’ve ever written, which one(s) do you find the most meaningful?

There’s a new song on my album called “Universal Gleam” and I find it pretty honest and meaningful to me. There’s another song on the new album called “Greedy Soul” which has the same impact. It’s nice to get things off your chest.

What do you hope to bring to Beijing with your performance?

I hope to bring the Chinese fans lots of super sounds. We’re going to be playing some of the new album and lots of Oasis stone cold classics.


We couldn’t help but get a bit giddy at the prospects of a live performance of Wonderwall from Liam, but we kept our cool.

Can you tell us a bit about your life on the road? Any culture shocks you’ve experienced in Asia so far?

I’ve always enjoyed playing for my brothers and sisters in Asia. I’ve never really been shocked by anything. I go with the flow. 


August 10

National Olympic Sports Center
1 Andinglu
Tel: 6491-2233


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