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Tasty Tel Aviv Treats at Hatchery

Head to Hatchery for Hummus Galore

Hatchery have been busy in the lab, surfacing from the inspiration of a recent trip to Tel Aviv with a brand-new Middle Eastern inspired menu.

Bang on trend (handy for a hatchery), Middle Eastern food seems impossible to escape on the innerwebs right now. It’s all pomegranate molasses this, bulghar wheat that, sprinklings of coriander piling up on Instagram like digitally rendered fragrant green snowdrifts.

But no complaints here – this food is popular for a reason; it’s damn tasty. We go straight for the dips (three for ¥55), filling a hummus-shaped hole in our hearts left by the departure of Moxi Moxi, who, after a valiant fight, have finally packed it in and got out of the cut-throat chickpea game. Freshly made flatbreads are light, fluffy and firm; ideal for scooping up as much smoky baba-ghanoush as is possible (if not graceful). You can also dip with dukkha-seasoned chips, because what are chips really but a vessel for getting sauce into your mouth. A complex spicy harissa and autumnal, sweet roasted pumpkin dip round out the classics of a well-executed hummus and soothing, minty labneh.

Dips are a good indicator of what this menu does best: sharable, mezze style platters that give you a chance to taste everything. And this is lucky, because you’re going to want to taste everything. The aptly-named and aptly-excessive meat mountain (¥280) showcases the best of the meaty-side of the menu, with spiced grilled lamb chops piled onto beef kofta meatballs and a strong showing from an oven-roasted chicken shawarma. 

Middle Eastern cuisine is, however, great for vegetarians too, and our favorite part of the menu was the veg. A smoky grilled cauliflower (¥40) puts paid to childhood memories of despising this anemic brassica, and the magloubeh (¥45)– an Egyptian style fried basmati rice, luminously colorful and packed with flavor – is worth filling up on.

While the Tel Aviv menu is worth heading to Hatchery for, we all have that one friend who only consumes pasta. Now there’s no need to let their fussiness ruin your fun (or friendship, depending on how important falafel is to you), as Hatchery have brought back the best of pop-ups past with their new classics menu. You can now chow down on (admittedly, top notch) chicken, burgers, penne or cheesecake to your unadventurous heart’s delight – but seriously, don’t miss the hummus.



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