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Top Three: Hummus in Beijing

Beijing's Best Hummus


Sanlitun | Biteapitta

We make no secret of the fact that the City Weekend team are big fans of Biteapitta, with stacks of delivery receipts to prove it. Beyond the confines of our desks, Biteapitta provides the best pre- or post-drink location on Sanlitun Bar Street. What we really appreciate is their consistency—and we’re talking about both the hummus (RMB45) and the quality.

Perfectly blended into a thick, creamy spread, the generous sprinkling of chili powder on top provides a subtle spice fix. Our all-time favorite is the hummus and falafel sandwich (RMB30), and saying that Bitepitta does the best falafel in this city is both conservative and true. Their hummus comes right in at a steady second.



What: Biteapitta

Where: 201 Tongli Studio, 43 Sanlitun Bei, 三里屯北43号楼同里201

Tel: 6467-2961


Sanlitun | Rumi

We’re going to come right out and say it: Rumi serves the best hummus (RMB38) in Beijing. It’s perfectly smooth and positively creamy. It’s drizzled with excellent olive oil. It arrives at your table adorned with a flower, because Rumi’s hummus knows she’s special.



What: Rumi

Where: Intersection of Gongti Bei Lu and Third Ring Road, 工体北路和三环内

Tel: 8454-3838


Sanlitun | Dareen Coffee

While many dream of Narnia or the Pearly Gates, a paradise of our own has already presented itself in the form of this wine-and-hummus cooperative. The neighboring Dareen Coffee and Cheers wine shop sit quite unassumingly on Sanlitun Bei Jie, with little indication of the delicious possibilities that lie within.

Generous amounts of tahini give Dareen’s rich and creamy hummus (RMB30) a tangy kick. It’s consistently good and light enough to be consumed in copious amounts. Order yourself the golden-fried falafel, which you can dip in its own little serving of tahini, which you can then dip into the hummus, which can only lead to moments of self-explanatory bliss.

Complete your dining experience with a bottle of wine from Cheers next door. For your benefit, we have spent countless nights sampling numerous combinations of hummus, falafel, white and red, and are pleased to report that all forms of pairing are exceptionally pleasing and highly recommended.



What: Dareen Coffee

Where: 30 Sanlitun Bei Jie, 三里屯北街30号

Tel: 6415-0557


Have we missed your favorite hummus place? Let us know in the comments below! 

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Originally from the sleek streets of Singapore, Rett now prowls around the hutongs of Beijing seeking cool bars, strange people, and a place to park her bike.


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