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Top Three: Moussaka

Leggo my eggplant

Top Three: Moussaka


Yonghegong | Argo

The moussaka (RMB85) at this Greek offering in Wudaoying Hutong is pricey, but rest assured that the portion feeds more than one, or lasts for at least two meals. Snipped parsley and sliced tomato top the layers of melted cheese, minced lamb, marinated eggplant, and creamy potato, ostensibly lightening up a brick of an entrée. Flecks of carrot and a hint of nutmeg color the lamb, which is milder than most. An extremely thick, creamy béchamel knits everything together.

What: Argo
Where: 59 Wudaoying Hutong, 五道营胡同59号
Tel: 8403-9748


Sanlitun | Biteapitta

The lamb and eggplant version at Biteapitta (RMB65) is a standout. It comes with pita, tzatziki, a cucumber and tomato salad, and some spinach fritters, but the star of the show is the moussaka—soft enough to cut with a fork and eat with one hand, and so delicious that the ease of delivery from plate to mouth that this allowed was all we could hope for. Because there’s less potato in it, it’s not as stodgy as its counterparts, which means you can eat more.

What: Biteapitta
Where: 201 Tongli Studio, 43 Sanlitun Bei, 三里屯43号楼同里201
Tel: 6467-2961


Jianguomen | Istanbul

The cheese on top of this tasty slice (RMB58) is hard to reckon with unless it’s hot, so you might have to do battle if you let it get cold. Every succulent layer of this dish, from cheese to potato to lamb and to eggplant, is so drenched in oil that will fill you up in no time. It may not help you shave any inches off your waistline, but let’s face it—you’re not eating moussaka because you’re on a diet. One small redeeming factor is the tzatziki, which is tangy and packed full of cucumber.

What: Istanbul
Where: B7 Xiushui Nan Jie, Jianguomen Wai, 建国门外秀水南街B7号
Tel: 6503-2700


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