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WeSecretary: Your Text-based Personal Assistant

Introducing WeSecretary: A secretary service that functions on WeChat and is about to make life just that much easier.  

Wechat Secretary


At Your Service

Started by co-founders David Lancashire and Daniel Worlton who have more than 15 years of China between them, WeSecretary is all about lots of little things we have to do that we don't really want to do, or the big things that most of us struggle with/hate to do/avoid like the plague. Think visa applications, ordering water to your apartment, and everything in between. 


How it Works

For the many of us who shy away from the wonders of Taobao and other online purchases, WeSecretary is available to help . They'll arrange your purchase from start to finish, you pay them for your item and a 10 percent service fee. 

Another feature we're particularly fond of works just like a personal assistant. If you need something translated, reservations to be made or questions to be asked, WeSecretary takes a fully refundable deposit of RMB300 and charges per minute for assisting you (RMB120 per hour). Common requests the team receives include hiring ayis, finding drivers and arranging deliveries

During their beta stage, we tried this service out, getting WeSecretary to handle dinner reservations and a request for a late check-in for visiting relatives, all through a quick WeChat text. We were quick to realize a combination of little things you don't have to worry about makes life that much smoother (plus it made is feel proper fancy to have someone tending to our needs).  



Payment can be made by all the usual means: credit cards, Alipay, Bitcoin (with special discounts available) and PayPal

With a steadily climbing number of people who are signing up for the service, we highly recommend getting in early and getting used to a life less mafan.  


Find out more about WeSecretary here, or scan the code to add them on WeChat here:





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