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Where To Find Beijing's Best Marinated Olives

If your love for olives is zesty and true, you'll know the pleasure of a fresh platter of olives as you unwind with an after-work drink or during a big night out. We scoured the city in search of Beijing's best marinated olives and have these three bits of deliciousness to recommend. 

Olive You


Sanlitun | Migas

A generous portion of chilled Kalamata, Niçoise and green Manzanilla olives—several larger than quail eggs— are a winner at Sanlitun hotspot Migas. The marinated olives (RMB38) are the freshest we’ve found in Beijing, and taste like they were quite recently plucked from the tree.

Steeped in oil with oregano, coriander seed, pepper flakes and garlic, and with hints of cumin, these olives are not overly brined, allowing the spice medley and natural nutty flavors to shine through.


Best Enjoyed With: Known for their rocking rooftop parties, delectable tapas and Spanish cuisine, a hidden gem of Migas lies in their juicy, generous chilled olives. Ideal for pairing with a gin and tonic sundowner in the restaurant or up on the roof!

Where: 6/F, Nali Patio, 81 Sanlitun North Road, 三里屯北街81号那里花园6层

Tel: 5208-6061


Wangfujing | Writers Bar

Through the end of September, The Writers Bar has a special tapas menu that includes obsession-worthy olives with manchego cheese and a couple of slices of warm, fluffy focaccia (RMB28). Marinated with lemon and thyme in olive oil so smooth it tastes like butter, these green and Kalamata olives are served warm.

Each olive is absurdly soft, the meat falling away from the pit with each bite, making these a little more dignified to consume in a refined setting like Raffles Beijing. Alternate each olive with bites of the cubed, fragrant manchego and then be sure to sop up that lovely olive oil with the bread.


Best Enjoyed With: It's the upper end of comfort food at the Raffles' Hotel Writers Bar. We recommend their famed and freshly brewed English Afternoon tea to complement your olive experience!

Where: 33 Dongchang'an Jie, 东长安街33号北京饭店莱佛士1层

Tel: 8500-4331


Sanlitun | Biteapitta

The green olives at Biteapitta, like everything else there, are exceptional value for money (RMB15), but what makes them truly stand our flavor-wise is that they are brined with the restaurant’s homemade pickles, for an incredibly zesty olive unlike any other in Beijing.

The acidity from the vinegar might not be for everyone, but pickle and olive lovers will love the twang in each bite.

Best Enjoyed With: Perfect for a pit stop in your night out, we recommend Biteapitta's tangy olives as a tasty pick-me-up snack, paired with a potion of their famous falafel to fill you up. 

Where: 201 Tongli Studio, 43 Sanlitun North, 三里屯43号楼同里201

Tel: 6467-2961

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