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Win a Kempinski Staycation

Escape the madness without leaving town

Traffic is terrible. Everything is far. Work is a drag. You’re tired, and you need a break, but you don’t have the time for a proper getaway. Lucky for you, we have just the solution!

We’re giving away a complimentary stay for one night in a superior room (including breakfast for two) at the Kempinski Hotel at Liangmaqiao. You can get a head start on Oktoberfest at the hotel’s legendary Paulaner Brauhaus, hit the shops in the Lufthansa Center, take a stroll to the nearby Cpearl for oysters or Great Leap for pizza, or simply hide away in your room enjoying the silence. 

Enter to win by posting your answer below in the comments section:


What frustrates you the most about living in Beijing, and what is your ultimate coping mechanism?


Contest closes Monday, September 14. Click here to see how we judge contests.


This contest is now closed. Congrats to the winner, dazarooni. 


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What frustrates me the most about living in Beijing is those bumps on the side walk for the blind. I cope by using my hover board as much as possible.


Being new to Beijing and not recognising written Chinese characters. I'll go to the supermarket with the intention of buying something strange, weird, or wonderful, but because most of the time I'll have no clue from the packaging what kind of product I'm buying I just end up leaving with ham and cheese. I cope by thinking to myself 'this is China' and shrug my shoulders; I'm here for the long term and eventually I'll master the language.


Living in Beijing has its ups and downs. You go through phases where you love this city and phases where you can't exactly remember why you've left home and came to this god forsaken place. One thing that I've still never gotten use to is the l'eau de taxi. Every once in a while you'd get one of those cabs that smells like a sweaty man's marbles while on your way to an awesome night out. However, Beijing's selection of cool places to go at night does make up for the all the unique scents you encounter on the way to your alcohol infused destination.


Honking of car horns and construction work during the early hours of my weekend sleep really messes with me. The only solution that seems viable is placing a soundproof AND bulletproof window cause you never know what construction peices might come flying in.


Language barrier is the most challenging part of living here in Beijing. Different communication styles as well as unique cultural contexts really make it hard for a foreigner to communicate with locals. I try cope up with this stressor by being more flexible and understanding. Of course learning survival Chinese is a must! I read helpful blogs and magazines (The Down & Dirt Beijing Guide article last month was very helpful) which cover topics about being a survivor here in Beijing. Immersing myself more with the culture and having more Chinese peers are parts of the coping mechanisms too. Deducingly, embracing the language is the key to overcome this challenge.


Personal Hygiene/People not washing their hands after taking a crap. It was a big shocker to me at first, but not anymore. It's more expected now. Every time I go to the restroom it seems like I'm the only one that knows how to wash my hands. The people either walk straight out or they look at themselves in the mirror and start to style their hair with the hand they used to wipe themselves with. My ultimate coping mechanism: I try to keep a distance between these types or keep a hand sanitizer handy because you'll always need it with bad habits like these. Reasons why this frustrates me: Because one these people could be a cook that are preparing meals for people, two they touch everything from door knobs to elevator buttons, three these people try to touch your children on the cheek if they think your kid is cute, four it's just straight nasty and somebody needs to learn how to wash their &(@# hands!
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