The Yard

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55 Wudaoying Hutong



City Area:


Line 5: Yonghegong; midway down Wudaoying, on the north side of the street

Name in Chinese:



Opening Hours:

Mon-Fri, 2:30pm-1am, Sat and Sun, 11am-1am


¥200-299 for two
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The Yard Description

This cozy little bar isn't known for its cocktails, but if you want a beautiful and relaxing place to snuggle up with a beer and watch the hutong traffic go by, this is the perfect bar. There's also an eclectic menu if you get a bit peckish. Management is flexible with space rentals, making it an ideal venue for private events such as birthday parties.

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  • juno_
    46 reviews
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Visited on 02/13/2015


Their drinks menu is a lottery - some are good, some are not, some are difficult to define. You never know what you get. White Russian was disappointing, Mojito - average, but their drinks with Creme de Cassis - quite interesting.
Service is the same - sometimes they hear you, sometimes they don't, sometimes they are quick, and sometimes if you need something, like a napkin or a menu, it's easier to go get it yourself instead of waving your hands for five minutes, hoping someone will look up and notice.
In spite of their performance being so inconsistent - I still liked the place. Maybe their feng shui is done right, I don't know. But I liked the way it looked, the lights, the decor, the whole courtyard setup - I bet it looks even better in spring/summer when it's possible to be outside. Maybe I'll go and check it in a couple of months. I don't think it will ever be my favourite place, but it's worth trying.


  • amcnab
    1 review
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Quite simply, Awful!

Some how I have ended up visiting this place 4 times - each time I think has been worse than the time before - a feat on it's own!

Service is horrendous! Food is OK but nothing special, as are the drinks.

The only thing this place has going for it is the building - it is a cute place, but not worth the long waits for just a drink, even longer for food, and the uninterested and un-trained staff.

Go in Winter and you will even have to suffer all this in the freezing cold as they seem to like having all the doors wide open in their courtyard rooms which are cold anyway!

Really not worth the stress to visit this place! - It is shockingly bad!


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