Whether it’s a private party, an international fashion show, a sporting event or the China launch of a foreign brand’s newest car or makeup line, the music can make or break the night. Fortunately for Beijing event planners, many of China’s most proficient DJs are located in or around the capital. 

Each of these DJs has their own strengths, and they all know each other, so if your request isn’t quite right for one of them of they are already booked, feel free to politely ask for a recommendation.

The price for a private booking can vary widely depending on the scale of the event, the amount of preparation involved, the amount of time the DJ needs to be on site and whether or not he or she needs to lug or arrange for any additional equipment not provided by the client. 

City Weekend’s Best Beijing-Based DJ of 2012 winner Eddie Lv’s resume includes many a private event and launch party beyond his usual club and party gigs. You’ll catch him spinning everything from catchy house to techno to lounge – just no hipster nonsense. He can also be commissioned to produce original tracks. Reach him at his Weibo.

DJ X. Lee plays Beijing so often you’d never know he’s based a quick high-speed train ride away in Jinan. He and Eddie often partner up for events that will run all day/night, and their music and cheerful demeanors compliment each other well. X. Lee’s strengths include funky house beats infused with classic rock samples, great for parties with an emphasis on dancing. Contact him via Weibo.

Speaking of dancey samples, DJ QQ’s music tastes are unparalleled for the auditory pleasure of having an unexpected dash of jazz or blues bubble up from between the beats. A fearless experimenter with all forms of electronic music, QQ’s sets are meticulously curated and can include anything and everything including nu-disco, all styles of house, electro swing and techno, depending on the vibe of the room. She can be booked via email at funghettta@gmail.com.

Parties in need of a little rock n’ roll cred need look no further than DJ Ou Yang, who keeps a foot in both the electronic and instrumental worlds, both DJing and playing bass for classic-rockers The Face and new pop-rockers Chasing Stars. His DJ sets tend towards—but are by no means limited to—techno and tech-house. Book him via his Weibo.