AsiaObscura has their finger on the offbeat pulse of Asia. From abandoned amusement parks to grotesque temples (well, have you seen some of the Taoist temples in town?), AsiaObscura is there to revel in the absurdities of our city. Member Michelle Woo tells CW about their shenanigans at Beijing World Park, and where she hopes the group will go someday. If you have a taste for the surreal, join AsiaObscura's next jaunt to Crab Island, for a day at the "beach" at the far end of Chaoyang this weekend.

What drew you to AsiaObscura's outing to Beijing World Park? [It] was a destination I'd never seen offered on any tour before. What could be better than a trip around the world and hitting all its famous landmarks in one afternoon?

How was the trip? The trip was fun, quirky and brought together like-minded people who love adventure and have a taste for the out-of-ordinary. The highlight was kitting out in colonial American drag, the girls in gowns, the guys in lipstick, and riding on the roller coaster. The locals really had a laugh.

AsiaObscura specializes in the bizarre and strange. What's bizarre and strange in China? From abandoned theme parks to the more everyday pleasures of seeing a seahorse staring up from your soup, China is one place that certainly does not lack in the strange and surreal.

What about offbeat destinations intrigues you? Why do something that everyone else is doing? There is so much out there if you keep your eyes and ears open. It's the only way to live and not regret that you just have the same pictures as everybody else.

Any particular place you hope AsiaObscura will visit? I think a feast for the masses would be great. We could dine on the finest of what The Cultural Revolution Restaurant has to offer (sandy porridge) all wearing red star caps.

You've got the time and money, where would you go in China? Kunming to visit the Kingdom of the Dwarfs. That would be the ultimate field trip, followed by a big banquet and square dance with the dwarfs.


What: AsiaObscura's Crab Island Outing

Where: Crab Island

When: Sat., June 11