Up until a few months ago, if you wanted a fresh, authentic bagel with cream cheese, toasted and wrapped up in wax paper, you had to go all the way out to Shunyi for Mrs. Shanen’s.

But now you only have to travel as far as Sanlitun, thanks to Tavalin Bagels’ tiny takeaway space on the west side of Yashow, open every day from 11am until around 8pm. There are nine flavors of bagel to choose from—our favorites are sun-dried tomato and cinnamon raisin, and we hear additional flavors are in the works.

Bagels are RMB10 with butter, but you can add RMB5 for plain cream cheese, or RMB10 for any of the five flavored cream cheeses. It's an additional RMB10 for good quality lox.

Hand-rolled by Jewish-American Tavalin and his Chinese staff, these bagels are the real deal, with a combination of chewy yet fluffy interior and taut skin that we’ve never been able to experience in China before—buying bagels at Jenny Lou’s and toasting them at home just doesn’t recreate the heavenliness of a fresh batch.

That said, these bagels hold up extremely well if you cut them in half and freeze them fresh. You can buy six bagels for RMB60 or a dozen for RMB100 at the bagel window, or get them delivered if you order in advance.



What: Tavalin Bagels

Where: Opposite the west side of Yashow Market (next to Cedar’s), 雅秀衣服市场西边

Web: www.tavalinbagels.com