Ask a majority of the expat women in Beijing about their dating habits and they will tell you the same thing; that there is a distinct lack of nice men in Beijing, and how they all end up dating men whom, if they were in their home country, they would never have given a second glance.

The lucky, lucky expatriate men find that in Beijing they have super powers. Suddenly they’re getting all this attention from pretty Chinese girls. The female expat community watch in horror as they see the class nerd strutting down Sanlitun like he’s John Travolta, and feel their standards slip even further down their leg as they find themselves thinking, “hmm, he’s looking quite hot tonight.”

And so, with no pressure on them to have a girlfriend, and with the guise of being here to “concentrate on their careers”, expat men love living in Beijing. To them, Beijing is like that place in Pinocchio where all the naughty little boys can smoke, drink and party practically free of charge. The added bonus with being in Beijing and not that place is that they can have cheap sex, eliminating the need for the arduous task of dating, and at the end of the day they don’t turn into donkeys. Yes, i'm afraid that even if you have been a good boy in Beijing, you fellow expats have already given you a reputation as one of the guys that can't get enough HOT SEX...

Unfortunately, for the expat girls, it’s not such a success story. Unless we are dating an egocentric expat male, we get caught up dating locals, who, to be quite honest are largely into the idea of dating a foreign girl to fulfil a certain fantasy. And sadly, unlike men who can shelve their desire to fall in love, poor expat women are always open to being swept off their feet.

Those who do find love in this city of ours, are few and far between and very, very lucky. This is not the city to fall in love in, but if you want to have sex with a different prostitute every night of the week, then you won’t be leaving any time soon!