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Egami Etsu: This Is Not A Mishearing Game

Language is a means to transmit information, and also an obstacle of information transmitting. Egami Etsu is probing humanity through tracing the origin of language for the purpose of feedback to society. If the failure of Tower of Babel in the Old Testament is attributed to the communicative obstacle between different languages, the mishearing

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Wu Jianjun solo exhibit

There's a certain fascinating, unnerving horror to the paintings of Wu Jianju. Focused solely on the body as the universal and unchanging aspect of human existence, he portrays our common lives as the effluvia of some inner fire. The result is a series of translucent forms that unsettled our sense of self.

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Do You Want to Wear an Artwork?

Artist Alëna Olasyuk created DYWWA (Do You Want to Wear an Artwork?) to get art off the wall and onto our bodies. More than a brand, it is an art process that sees her vision take form through wood block printing and a signature on each piece to make it "unique." The final part involves you, the art lover, buying the piece to drape it around you

Kocoon spa spa package

The Revi­tal­izer Spa Package

The Revi­tal­izer by Kocoon spa & Shangrila Farms Stim­u­late, detox, re-energize! Cof­fee isn’t only for sippin’on. Its also a scrump­tious treat for that body of yours! Start with am invigorating full body exfo­li­a­tion with Shangrila Farms’ organic cof­fee blended with sea salts and buttered in sweet almond oil,

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Andy Warhol: Contact

Back when “new media” meant Polaroid cameras, Andy Warhol was king of the unexpected. Forget Marilyn Monroe and that can of Campbell’s soup: Warhol’s work with portraits went way deeper than that. Next month M WOODS unveils a massive trove of rarely seen works from the elusive artist. If he reveals his playful side in the fully immersive


Jewel Hairy Crab

Claw out, it's hairy crab season. At Jewel, executive chef Jacky Fan has dreamed up even more new and different ways of savoring Yancheng Lake's finest crustaceans, including deep-fried with spicy salt, braised with tofu, stewed with minced pork meatballs, or complementing Shanghai-style soup dumplings.

Wang Xingwei

Wang Xingwei: Honor and Disgrace

Explore Platform China's new gallery space and the gleefully bizarre world of painter Wang Xingwei. Choosing from almost a decade's worth of work, the curators of this exhibit find an energetic courage in paintings that verge between realist and expressionist. See for yourself at their September 10 opening, or anytime through late October. Closed


Yang Mushi: Illegitimate Production

In the hands of this Shanghai-based artist, raw industrial materials are ground and cut down to fragile works of intimidation and violence. Consider the transformations in China, as a countryside and its citizens are similarly transformed. Free

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Indonesian Week at Feast

For one week only, you don't have to jet off to Bali in order to taste the complex cuisine of Indonesia. Back by popular demand, Feast's Indonesian Food Week features traditional appetizers and desserts in the restaurant's signature semi-buffet format, and a selection of mains that represent all the culinary delights the 17,000-island nation

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Sensational Set Menu at East33

Chinese? Western? Choose from both at East33, where eight main courses offer variety and a great selection of dishes for you to choose from. Featuring options such as a Cajun spicy chicken burger with lettuce and ripe tomatoes and shrimp wonton noodles, this deal is good for both lunch and dinner.


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