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The Summer Terrace at The Patisserie

The Patisserie's outdoor terrace welcomes you this summer! This is a place where you can enjoy beer, wine, signature cocktails, complemented with desserts and snacks. Soak up the sunshine or have a private chat with your companion or friends in the romantic view in the evening at the sanctuary for those looking for an escape from the crowd. Enjoy

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Cold Rush

Snubbing their nose at artistic conventions, the quartet known as COLDINK (Li Sa, Yu Yang, Kong Yan, Jin Jinghua) present a smattering of highly detailed, yet highly opaque paintings. Seemingly ripped in two by the artists' bifurcated sense of purpose, the beautifully colored works are a lovely shade of iconoclasm. Free

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Filippo Cardella and Karel Downsbrough: Inner City Doldrums

A dire vision of urban existence and modern anomie animates these two Beijing-based artists, resulting in painting and video that seeks a route out of capitalist consumerism. Whether their "Last Man" ever finds a way out is left for us to contemplate. Free

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Zha Songgang: Silent Theatre

Using myriad upstretched hands as his cast, artist Zha Songgang play director of a drama without people. Dressing them in vibrant colors and materials, he creates a silent tableaux where body language conveys all that needs be said. Free

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The Weather Diaries

Blurring the lines between photography and painting, arists Cooper & Gorfer curate a collection of images and fashion that celebrates the creativity of the remotest regions of the icy north. Symbolism layers upon narratives, in a magical record of a people forged by their unforgiving elements. Free

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Tuck Into Burger Heaven this Spring with blue frog

Blue Frog's spring burger menu includes delectable offerings such as pepper cheese and Yunnan mushroom, Korean kimchi, sun-dried tomato and fresh mozzarella, and more. Made with the freshest quality ingredients, each Blue Frog burger uses 100-percent premium Australian beef and is grilled to perfection by talented chefs.

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Wayne Yan: Parallel System

Retail giant GOME offers up an artistic treat to its customers, lining the walls of their new art space with the paintings of Wayne Yan. Figurative yet elusive, the mild tones are conducive to letting the mind wander away.

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Wang Yin: The Gift

Barbers, dancers, trains, and gentle countryside invade UCCA, transforming the gallery into a disorienting new whole. Featuring previously unseen works by the Beijing-based artist, the dramatic use of narrative transports us to another world. RMB10.

ink and mind

Ink and the Mind

Revealing the dynamic ways that ink painting techniques can be applied, the artists of this group exhibition offer work that is by turns comforting, astounding, and mesmerizing. Hailing from China, the five painters featured here bring new life to the ancient craft. Free

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Chinese Bird/Flower Painting Class

This kid-friendly class explores the Chinese tradition of painting birds and flowers, often with heavy symbolism. All necessary supplies are provided, with the finished paintings ready to mount at home. In English. RMB200


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