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My Living Room

Celebrate 25 years of bringing a fresh perspective to Beijing's art scene. Drawing from the very best of founder Brian Wallace's collection, this exhibit invites us to enjoy painting, photography, sculpture and installation in one of the capital's most unique art settings. Free

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New Cake Selections at The Patisserie

We're going to listen to the wise words of Marie Antoinette and treat ourselves to a slice of cake at The Patisserie this summer. With new options such as tropical cheese cake, green tea opera cake and fresh fruit pie, it'll be hard to choose just one slice to go with our cup of coffee.

cement floor

Xiao Yu: Cement Floor

Continuing their exploration of the truly massive, the curators at the Pace present the latest work from Beijing-based Xiao Yu. The weight of the concrete slab atop a veritable forest of bamboo threatens to destroy the art at any moment, but the resilient stalks maintain their strength. There's something to learn here. Free

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MA: Ma Jianfeng Solo Exhibition

In his latest exhibition, artist Ma Jianfeng draws out his paintings into the third dimension. With acrylics and upcycled materials, he creates flexibly dynamic objects that reach out and interact with one another. The effect of these experiments can range from startling to insightful. Free


Summer Smoothies

With five kinds of fresh fruit available, NU-O you want to try one of NUO Hotel Beijing's newest Summer Smoothies.


Beijing Technicolour Dream Coat

Whimsy and wit vie in the vibrant, "technicolour" paintings of Israeli expat Leon Fenster, capturing the pandemonium of Beijing in his own distinctive style. Lose yourself in his densely packed creations while considering the joys, the troubles, and the uniqueness of our adopted home. Free

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The works of two artists, Liu Buhua and Li Tingwei, vie for the viewer's attention in this rumination on equilibrium. With Liu's pendant works reaching down from the ceiling and Li's tiny works rising up from the ground, we're left to feel the tension and the gravity of each. The quest to find equilibrium is the heart of the curated exhibit and

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Zhang Xiaotao: The Spring of Huangjuepin

The co-founder of Sichuan Fine Arts' New Media department casts his eye back to the tumultuous 60s and 70s, employing a number of diverse animation styles to chart the life of one young student. The Cultural Revolution rages all around, but the real threat is yet to come. Free.

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Into All That Is Here and The Sparkle of Absence

Tatiana Trouvé and Laure Prouvost, a pair of award-winning contemporary artists, arrive out of France for their first solo show in China. Massive architectural installations, paintings, and video create a zone where the normal rules do not apply. Many thanks to the French Embassy and the Festival Croisements for bringing us the work of these

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Rauschenberg in China

In 1985, the late Robert Rauschenberg helped China make good on its drive to open up, with an exhibition that inspired a generation to think differently. His presence is felt again three decades later, with the arrival of his magnum opus, "The 1/4 Mile or 2 Furlong Piece." The truly massive 17-year work is a montage of styles and symbols that


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