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CHINESE STUDY TOUR PROGRAM CLE’s Chinese Study Tour Program offers a unique combination of professional language education, culture immersion and China travel. Professional teachers and tour guides lead students on exciting trips, while teaching practical Chinese language and culture skills along the way. Get the most out of your China

Hot Pot Feast + Dumplings + Firecrackers at The Great Wall !

Wondering what to do for Chinese New Year? Come out and enjoy local festivities at The Brickyard retreat in Mutianyu. We'll celebrate with a hot pot feast (+plenty of home made liqueurs), dumpling party in our lodge, and over 200,000 firecrackers at midnight. Wake up to blue skies and mountains on the 8th. We’re offering a special lodging

DCP 2015-2016 Figure Skating, Adults Skating and Ice Hockey

Twirl, lutz, and salchow your way around Dulwich College's outdoor ice rink, open for business at the Legend Garden campus from November 23. Sign up now for skating lessons, synchronized team skating, figure skating, and hockey lessons for students from ages 5 and up. The free Open Skating Afternoon (skates provided) is on November 20, and save

Yoko Ono: Golden Ladders

The utopian world of Yoko Ono reaches Beijing at last, for her first solo show. From a garden that invites viewers to communicate their wishes, to billboards across the city, to the titular piece that invites guests to contribute their own golden ladders, this is set to be one of the most engaging exhibits of 2016. Celebrity and artist, Yoko Ono

A Modern Adventure - exhibition of the Renault Art Collection

The Renault Collection, built from collaboration between the French corporation and leading artists of the 1960s, offers ironic commentary on our (post-)industrial society. Enjoy a slice of this critique at Today Art Museum.

Matjaž Tančič: 3DPRK

Fully aware of the voyeuristic desire to catch another "rare glimpse" of North Korea, this photographer out of Slovenia chose subjects among the country's workers, farmers, educators, athletes and entertainers. Moving beyond the showcase capital and working with time-intensive 3D photography, Tančič and a small army of producers, translators,

Wang Guofeng: Probe

With a floor-to-ceiling display of a single photograph, arching across the entire gallery, this wonderful new exhibit is like stepping into the daydream of a Rubik's Cube. Just remember to wear the shoe covers at the door, to preserve the art for future visitors.

Blue Frog Beef Campaign

In praise of all things cow, all Blue Frog locations will be offering a special beef menu, from burgers to pasta and steaks. Treat yourself to warming winter dishes, including beef consomme, port wine-braised beef cheek,braised brisket with bacon leek gnocchi, and flavorful flank steak. Pair your meat with a selection of seasonally appropriate

Architecture Imagine the City of the Future

Urbanism workshop Each kid will become the architect of an urban block, and by thinking all together they will create their own city following and understanding the principles of urbanism: trajectories, transportations, housing, schools, hospitals, shops… Objectives - understand urbanism - collective reflection -


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