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Kocoon Spa: Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy is both physically and emotionally demanding. Increase your sense of well-being with this relaxing massage that helps expectant mothers reduce stress and strain within their changing bodies. The prenatal massage specialists at Kocoon are trained to relieve a number of side effects of pregnancy, including aches and pain within the back,

Kocoon Spa Slimming Massage Package

Fat isn't always a matter of calories. Sometimes, stubborn pockets of fat remain on your body no matter how much you diet or exercise. That's where this slimming massage comes in. Localized massage helps reduce the appearance of cellulite, while lessening the effects of water retention. RMB450/45 minutes.

Kocoon Spa: The Romance Spa Package

Book time for a bit of self-love. Body scrubs help buff away rough patches of skin; a candle massage helps drizzle oil all over the body, melting away aches and pent-up tension. Finish off with a facial using Elemental Herbology, with products tailored to specific skin concerns. RMB1420/120 minutes.

Kocoon Spa Package: The Romance

It's time to treat yourself. Imbued with the classic scents of vanilla and brown sugar, this spa treatment gives you a sensual foot scrub and a warming candle massage to melt away your worries. RMB1430/2.5 hours. Until Oct. 31.

Kocoon Spa Package: The Revitalizer

Shake off that sluggish feeling with this refreshing spa treatment from Kocoon. Get scrubbed with sea salts and feel the nutrients of the sea soak into your skin. Finish with a slimming massage and a Phytomer facial based on your unique skin conditions. RMB1500/3 hours. Until October 31.

Kocoon Spa: Detox­i­fy­ing Spa Package

Feeling gross and sweaty after a sultry Beijing summer? Then we heartily recommend this spa package at Kocoon: start with a rose petal and coconut oil scrub to slough off top layers of skin and a face mask to draw out toxins from your pores. Then be treated to a hot stone massage, easing tension and leaving skin virtually glowing. Fresh juice or

Kocoon Spa: After Work Gentleman’s Spa Package

This one is strictly for men. Take care of yourself with this full-body package from Kocoon. Start with a "gentlemen's facial" that includes a Phytomer facial and a cold stone eye massage. Follow with a neck and shoulder oil massage. Treatment concludes with fresh juice or tea. RMB845/120 minutes. Until October 31.

Tang Yongxiang

Experimenting with painting techniques, Beijing-based Tang Yongxiang builds anonymous regions of color and line. Stop to ponder the works and you may feel the weighty deliberations that went into each.

Hairy Crab Feast

Nothing says October like menacing crustaceans, and Noble Court has you covered with a full menu of classics to highlight Yancheng Lake's least industrial pollutant-contaminated shellfish.

Piedmont: The Paradise of Food and Wine

This autumn, Da Giorgio presents the flavors of Piedmont, the region in northwest Italy known for its chocolate, wine, vitello tonnato, and as the birthplace of the Slow Food movement. In October, feast on traditional dishes including tagliolini and vitello tonnato, while November heralds the advent of white truffle season.


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