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Into All That Is Here and The Sparkle of Absence

Tatiana Trouvé and Laure Prouvost, a pair of award-winning contemporary artists, arrive out of France for their first solo show in China. Massive architectural installations, paintings, and video create a zone where the normal rules do not apply. Many thanks to the French Embassy and the Festival Croisements for bringing us the work of these

talking paper

Talking on Paper

There are group exhibitions, and there are supergroup exhibitions. Featuring the paper works of Pablo Picasso, Willem de Kooning, Mao Yan and 25 other acclaimed artists, this is firmly in the latter camp. Get out now, before it flies away.

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Seafood Summer at Blue Frog

Blue Frog's summer menu is all about seafood. The offerings strike a balance between classic combinations and playful innovations by the chef. Whether it's the cooling Thai-style shrimp and pineapple salad or Taiwanese seafood fried rice, the dishes have something for every one of Blue Frog's discerning customers.

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Nong Shaohua: Montage of the Mind

Untrained in formal techniques, Shanxi-born Nong Shaohua creates his own worlds of people, neither distinctly Chinese nor hostage to the issues of the current moment. Instead, the artist presents a dreamlike world where symbol and story blend to form a visual psychomachia where we lose our footing but find so much more.

ten thousand things

Ten Thousand Things: New Works by Wu Jian'an

An intricate world of art awaits the viewer, with a scale and scope that are simply stunning. Emerging from a period of brightly colored paper cuts, the artist uses clay, shells, bones and brush strokes to explore his modular approach to visual arts. Cryptic and moving, the massive exhibit should not be missed.

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All-You-Can-Eat Dim Sum

Every weekend in May and June, indulge in an unlimited spread of dim sum favorites alongside signature dishes by Jewel's talented Chinese chefs. RMB168/person plus 10-percent surcharge and 6-percent tax

Discover the Best Italy Food & Wine Festival

Head to the Crowne Plaza Beijing Sun Palace for a weekend of all things Italian during this food, wine, fashion, and cultural festivals. VIPs include a world champion pizza master; brand ambassadors for prosciutto di Parma, grana padano, and Polvanera vineyards; fashion designers, and more. Events over the weekend include a cocktail party and

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XXW: Xu Xinwu Solo Exhibition

Hangzhou-based painter Xu Xinwu makes his Beijing debut with a powerful collection of new work, each designed to use the conceit of "energy" to link the physical and the immaterial worlds. With geometries jarring against a background of chaos, Xu imposes a scheme of minimal colors to help calm the scene. From there, the viewer is more easily



Photographer Wu Shunan reaches beyond the typical, direct image. His faded black and white works instead reflect an internal tumult and a distance with the outside world. His pieces become the seeds of reflection, inviting the viewer to tease out the tensions in the work and in themselves. Free

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The Summer Terrace at The Patisserie

Find yourself in Wangfujing with time to kill? Why not spend it on the terrace of the Patisserie? Enjoy a cold beer, refreshing glass of wine, or something even stronger, deftly paired with snacks and sweet treats. Have a chat with an old friend or simply soak up the sun's rays. In the evening, the terrace turns romantic with an illuminated view


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