Events in Beijing

E.g., 10/08/2015

Autumn Juicing Secret

Throughout the autumn, remind yourself of summer's bounty with two refreshing juice concoctions at the Flow Lounge & Bar, passionfruit-mango and raspberry juice.

A Fine Balance – Ayurveda Three-Day Experience

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian wellness technique. It isn't always easy to find an Ayurveda expert here in Beijing, but Iridium Spa at the St. Regis offers a three-day wellness experience with an Ayurveda coordinator. They will tailor spa treatments and diet plans to help refresh and restore the body to optimum health, with overnight stays in the

Camping: Gubeikou Great Wall and Jinshanling Great Wall

Hike the Great Wall and camp in a tower on this two day Great Wall adventure. We’ll take care of the heavy lifting and have things delivered direct to our campsite; you’ll be free to enjoy the scenery, sunset, stars, and sunrise without all the sweat involved in a full-on camping expedition. We’ll supply the camping equipment, water,

Beijing Sideways & Beijing Design week

Beijing Design Week is huge. Beijing Sideways is an awesome way to tour the city. Bring them together for an amazing experience of this annual aesthetic overload. Email or call for prices and reservations.

Sexy Hysteria

A fresh perspective out of the Art Institute of Chicago makes her Chinese debut with a collection of frenetic, color-drenched paintings. Evoking some of the sensibilities of Edvard Munch, her paintings seem to scream out for recognition of their humanity.

Candida Höfer: On Methods

The technical excellence of one of Germany's most famous photographers is put on brilliant display. With a film devoted to her work airing August 15 and a collection of her early and later works on exhibit, we can see the care she takes at every stage of the photographic process.

Bits and Bobs

Two local artists debut their paintings, focused on China's Taoist traditions of equilibrium, cycles, simplicity and belonging. Not necessarily abstract, they attempt to depict the thought process of the artists.

Liu Zhengyong: Rhizome

In the tradition of tormented artists, Liu Zhengyong takes up his paint brush as a weapon to attack the tensions and repressions the individual faces. It's a timely topic, especially in an age when so many tools are available to limit or liberate our creative spirit.

Lunch In No Time!

Tired of tasteless sandwiches for lunch? Worry no more! O’Steak knows how difficult it is to have a proper lunch, especially when you have to get back to work quickly. The new lunch sets at all locations boast a selection of more than 20 dishes carefully chosen by their chefs, making fast yet filling daily lunches an attainable reality. ¥98 for

Tang' Roulou at Beijing Design Week

Brainchild of Beijing based French designers Amélie Péraud and Pierre-Yves Babin, Tang’ Roulou is a China-inspired brand of designs for kids, a collection of handmade apparels as sweet and colorful as the very Beijing caramelized hawthorns skewers 糖葫芦 [tang hu lu]. From the early beginning of the brand eight years ago, Amélie and


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