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My Living Room

Celebrate 25 years of bringing a fresh perspective to Beijing's art scene. Drawing from the very best of founder Brian Wallace's collection, this exhibit invites us to enjoy painting, photography, sculpture and installation in one of the capital's most unique art settings. Free

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Yijinjing (tendon changing or sinew transforming)

Turn your movements (and your tendons) as smooth as silk brocade with this ancient Taoist art of medical qigong. Through a series of sitting or lying exercises, you'll learn to cultivate your qi and focus that energy. Extended practice promises improved health and the best start to more rigorous martial art training. RMB150

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Craft Beer, & Then Some

We haven’t forgotten our beer enthusiasts, introducing craft beer, the ideal accompaniment to the red meat dishes from the char-grill. Thursday is the new Friday! Every Thursday from 4pm until 8pm & 10pm until late, all craft beers are buy 1 get 1 refill. Our craft beer offer is available at blue frog Shanghai, Beijing and Nanjing.


VPN/Very Productive Nation

The exhibition features eight artists long been concerned by Yu Ying more as an artist himself than a curator. In one way or another, these artists all personally break the GFW to work and live in a different nation. Though being involved in the discrepancy among various art systems, they have never been away from the “local” context

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Art Exhibition and Concert: Nikolay Petrov

Enjoy a free exhibition of Russian painter Nikolay Petrov, with drinks, snacks, and music provided on their September 25 opening. His traditional style captures the simple and naturalistic side of that nation's land and people, with an attention to detail that evokes the early masters. Free

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Get Fired Up and Celebrate the Grilled Flavors of Autumn

Blue Frog's autumn menu specials are all kissed by the touch of fire. For meat lovers, try the veal tenderloin, wagyu beef sliders, or mixed grill sausages. Crave the smoke of the grill but not necessarily the heaviness of red meat? Then opt for grilled Icelandic sea bass, grilled shrimp and pear salad, or grilled masala chicken breast. Other new

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1 = ∞

Ge Ziyu paints geometries, finding a Taoist transcendence in precise lines and optical illusions. See if you can find a deeper sense in the shapes he brings into existence. Free


Another Landscape

After a long wait, the massive Yang Art Museum opens with an equally massive exhibit of Chinese and foreign photographers. With a focus on a wide variety of things we'd call "landscape," the exhibition seeks to "expand the normal definition of photography" and create a wholly new perspective. Judge for yourself if they succeed. RMB30


Rediscovering Kombucha in Beijing

Papp's Tea brews up bottles of this ancient fermented tea beverage, whose health benefits are myriad and wide-ranging. Stop by their showroom in the Topwin Center for a sample, or pick up a bottle at various restaurants and shops around town. Check their website for a full and updated list of vendors.

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New Cake Selections at The Patisserie

We're going to listen to the wise words of Marie Antoinette and treat ourselves to a slice of cake at The Patisserie this summer. With new options such as tropical cheese cake, green tea opera cake and fresh fruit pie, it'll be hard to choose just one slice to go with our cup of coffee.


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