Pu Jie: Look Ahead Look Back

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Daily September 27 - October 7


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10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


32 Baiziwan Lu


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Pu Jie: Look Ahead Look Back Description

Curator: Lorenzo Sassoli De Bianchi
Opening: Saturday 26 September 2009 at 3 pm
Duration: 27th September -7th October, 2009
Venue: Today Art Museum, the 2nd floor of No.2 building

In Pu Jie’s art practice, visual language replaces discursive formulation. His works are present with strong colours, striking graphic and elementary symbols, thus people may easily categorize his art into American Pop. Distinguishingly, they are conceptual art works with two superposed focuses and overlapped images. The technique of ‘dual visual angle’ adopted by the artist is a partial overlapping of the past and the present which expresses the changes in China in past 40 years — the Cultural Revolution in the first 20 years and Reform-and-opening up in the next 20 years. Such overlapping is filled with cultural mutation and confrontation and clears up visual effect, and ponders the flow of changes of the Chinese society in the past decades. The exhibited ‘Lemon Yellow’ series of works are like dynamic images, which are made up of movements that are felt through intuition: motive dimensions, cinematic leaps, diversion and alteration between interior and exterior. Those overlapped or static figures are like movies telling us the flow of changes occurred in the Chinese society during recent decades. Hence, the ‘dual visual angel’ is not simply an art symbol, but also a reflection of life experience. Moreover, the collision of two periods suggests that our surrounding is changing, and a real journey is thus recorded on Pu Jie’s paintings.

Published by shanghart_beijing on 08/26/2009

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City Weekend Says

The strong colors and striking graphics of Pu Jie's paintings have caused some to place him solidly in the American Pop category of contemporary art. However his works are conceptual pieces that compare the China of the past with contemporary imagery.