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WIN two VIP backstage passes to Broadway's Aida! Description

#### WIN two VIP backstage passes to Broadway's Aida!

Get out of the cold November air and bring a special friend to a magical night watching 4-time Tony Award-winning show, Aida!

The score, by Elton John and Tim Rice, fuses pop & rock music into Verdi's classic opera.

Get VIP seats for the show and then enjoy a super special meet & greet with the cast at the end of the musical, backstage!

**Tickets are for the Nov. 20th show, at Beijing Exhibition Center Theater, 7:30-9:30pm**

**TO WIN**

Answer the following question in the comment section below. The best answer will win! Preference given to those active in the CW online community.

**Winner will be chosen on Monday, November 17**

If you had the chance to produce a Broadway Musical, what would the story be about? And give us the title and opening lines to the musical's theme song!

Published by cityweekend on 11/06/2008

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  • thezippy
Comment by thezippy - 11/06/2008

It would be called "Rosebud" and would be the fantastic and whimsical tale of that adorable sled from Charles Foster Kane's youth (or Citizen Kane fame).

Set in his rollicking childhood, "Rosebud" would show Kane's transition from foppish schoolboy to a child bent on becoming the leading "Citizen" in the publishing world.

And the theme song would go a little something like this:

"Rosebud, Rosebud, my very best friend...

Rosebud, Rosebud, I'll love you till the end.

I'll always be with you, 'lest Mom sends me away...

Your name will be with me, till my dying day... ohhhhhhhhhhhh....

Rosebud, Rosebud.... "

  • moxmoxtcap
Comment by moxmoxtcap - 11/07/2008

Add your two cents and join (in) the discussionAs cliche as it sounds, mine would be a dramatic interpretation of something like the little matchbook girl and a character from the Gashlycrumb Tinies. It would be called, "Love, Id." Set in some city in the 18th century, it would be both a tragic yet inspiring story of a little orphan girl, Id, lost between fantasies of hope and despair, seeking to find a home, to find a beginning. She would eventually find a little friend, a mouse, who she saves from orphan boys trying to kill it. The mouse would become her one and only friend. She tries to find job after job in factories and escapes hands of vicious factory owners and shopkeepers looking to exploit children to the point of death. In one fatal instance, she finds herself locked in a shop and a careless worker has just accidentally started a fire. She cannot escape and she passes out from the fumes. The mouse chews through the shop lock so that people on the streets are able realize that a building was burning and rushed in to rescue Id. When Id finally wakes up in the safety of the streets, the entire shop is aflame. She realizes, too late, that her mouse friend is still in the fire, who had essentially saved her life. Looking back at the people who saved her, but who were strangers that had hurt her and abandoned her, and looking back at the shop in flames, the little girl, in a moment of passionate desperation, throws herself into the burning shop to be with her one and only friend. As firefighters and people try their best to save the girl, there is nothing they can do as the building collapses in a flaming heap. If people watched closely, in the end before the curtain closes, they can see the smoke form in the shape of a little girl curled up with a mouse in her arms, sleeping softly with a glow on their faces, happy at last in peace.

The lyrics to the theme song would be:

"Take a chance on me, dear stranger
Learn to dance with me, dear mother
can we overcome? can we overcome?
Whatever moment, a moment in time,
I wish dreams were like wishes,
and wishes came true,
cause in my dreams
I'm always with, id"

  • moderntime
Comment by moderntime - 11/08/2008

Disraeli, the musical!

A rollicking musical chronicling the Dickensian life and times of the great 19th century politician, novelist, Byronic dandy and the first (and only) Jewish Prime Minister of Britain.

Music by Stephen Sondheim, book by Harold Prince...hey, if I'm going to dream, I'm going to dream big!

The theme song would be "The Top of the Greasy Pole" (what he said when he became PM for the first time)

"I've climbed to the top of the greasy pole/
I'm only second to the queen/
Oh, it's great to be Prime Minister/
at the top of the greasy pole!

  • xiaofantong
Comment by xiaofantong - 11/10/2008

I'd write a musical about the expat community in Beijing! Wouldn't it be fun to explore all of the stereotypes on stage?! The theme song would HAVE to be "Love Today" by Mika.

  • forest
Comment by forest - 11/11/2008

We have seen bits of the bible (Joseph), The New Testament (J C Superstar), Poems (Cats), Operas (Aida) and more all turned into musicals.

The next epic saga to be compressed into a Musical will be "Dream of Red Mansion". There is so much potential for song and dance numbers with maybe more stress on the role of Lin meimei.

The title song would be "Red Mansion Dreams"..

"Red Mansion dream come and go
The Beauties Four are here once more...."

  • xmaurice
Comment by xmaurice - 11/12/2008

i would like to produce a Broadway Musical about poor guy just being fired in Wall Street.

i am pretty sure it must be attractive to current attention in such a depression and it would be called "where is my next job"

opening lines would be
" for the love of jobs, people lose them from their bosses. for the love of jobs, people only wander on street with their boxes......"

  • 1chrissy
Comment by 1chrissy - 11/12/2008

The name of the Musical is there is fairy in real life.

A little girl has fairy story dream.
even when she grow up , He still firmly believe that although the real life is cruel.

He believe just keeping the dream the suffering and scare will keep away from her, from all of the person.

The lyrics to the theme song would be:
As long as you believe , there is fairy in real life.

That 's my idea .thank you!

  • mrmagic
Comment by mrmagic - 11/14/2008

BLOWING IN THE WIND (a Beijing Story)

"How many HUTONGS must an Expat walk down before you call him a man?

How many years must I study HANZI,
before I finally understand?

The Answer my GERMER, is blowing in the wind, blowing in the Beijing wind!"

  • xiaofantong
Comment by xiaofantong - 11/14/2008

LOL! Good call mrmagic! Maybe we should collaborate to make the next Aida...or should I say "Ai-ya"-da!

  • thecant2002
Comment by thecant2002 - 11/15/2008

'Black Cat, White Cat' (Hei Mao, Bai Mao)
The sprawling saga of China's economic rise from the dizzying excitement of post-revolution triumph, through the deprivation and turmoil of the failed Five Year Plans and Counter-Revolution, to the giddy heights of the Economic Miracle of the late 20th century.
Featuring Jackie Chan as Deng XiaoPing singing the barns-storming showstopper 'Mouse Catcher For China-It Dont Matter Whedder You're Black or White'.

  • michaeldmanning
Comment by michaeldmanning - 11/16/2008

How about a take-off on "Aida" called "Da Ayi"... the story of a Beijing girl who falls in love with her expat employer (who works for Radio Peking) in 1978. Their love goes unfulfilled for 30 years, until a chance encounter outside the Bird's Nest during the 2008 Olympics.

Suddenly, the couple is transported back to that simpler time, in a rollicking examination of major cultural changes in China over the past three decades.

The theme song: "We'd Like to Thank You, Deng Xiaoping" (to the tune of the similar song from "Annie"):

We'd like to thank you Deng Xiaoping,
For really opening the way,
We'd like to thank you Deng Xiaoping,
You made some of us rich today.

Prosperity was 'round the corner
The cozy 'partment built for five
In this red heaven
That you
Gave us
We're comin' alive!

Mao said ev'ry field would be "a Sputnik",
But we clearly missed the picnic,
Not only don't we
have our
We ain't got the wok!

... and so on. Tickets, please! I'm trying to impress a girl.

  • michaeldmanning
Comment by michaeldmanning - 11/17/2008

Woops.... added line breaks below. Should be sung to the tune of "We'd Like to Thank You, Herbert Hoover":

We'd like to thank you Deng Xiaoping, For really opening the way, We'd like to thank you Deng Xiaoping, You made some of us rich today.

Prosperity was 'round the corner The cozy 'partment built for five In this red heaven That you Gave us Dui! We're comin' alive!

Mao said ev'ry field would be "a Sputnik", But we clearly missed the picnic, Not only don't we have our dumplings We ain't got the wok!

  • michaeldmanning
Comment by michaeldmanning - 11/17/2008

Hmmm. Clearly adding "two or more spaces" doesn't force a line break. I give up... oh well.

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