Smash-Up Derby

Editor's Pick One-Off Event Daily March 5 - March 7


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9:30 p.m.


6561-8833 ext. 42
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Smash-Up Derby Description

Meet the world's first mash-up band who sings songs on different soundtracks, live. Fronted by Adrian from A Plus D DJ's, the party of six includes male and female vocalists, drummer, bass, guitar, lead rhythm(+ keys). Check them out through the following link:

DJs and founders of the movement are A plus D who continue the beat between sets to bring non-stop music throught the night. The duo established Bootie parties around the US in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Detroit, etc. On the world scene, they're now established chapters in Paris, Munich, Mexico, Hong Kong, etc. and it's increasing on a monthly basis. More on:

For more information, call 6561 8833 ext. 42 (Centro)

Published by suemeng on 02/11/2009

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City Weekend Says

Billed as "the world's first mash-up band," Smash-Up Derby mixes and mashes pop hits from across time. Ever want to hear a band play Billy Joel and Billy Idol at the same time? We sure have. Mashup DJ A Plus D spins between sets.