American Square Dancing Lessons

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One-Off Event Monday Every Week October 7 - December 16


This event has already passed


8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.


44 Baochao Hutong


City Area:

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American Square Dancing Lessons Description

Every Monday, meet lots of new people and have fun the old time way by learning how to square dance. We'll teach you how to swing your partner, do si do and allemande left as if you were born (or at least conceived) in a barn dance.

The first class each month is free. The other classes are 30 yuan each.

The class on Oct. 7 will be followed by live square dancing music, featuring members of the Hutong Yellow Weasels

Published by yellowweasel on 10/03/2013

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City Weekend Says

Learn the difference between your do si do and your Punnett square during square dance lessons every Monday at Modernista. Make sure to get into all possible ways of other patrons attempting to have a quiet drink and sashay directly out the door. First class each month is free. RMB30 for each subsequent annoyance.