The Beijing Vintage Bike Ride

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2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.


Apartment 609, Yong He Jia Yuan, Building 3, 3 Dongbinhe lu, Andingmen, Dong Cheng District Beijing


City Area:

Latest update: 03/27/2014 | Original poster: bikebeijing

The Beijing Vintage Bike Ride Description

There was a time when the bicycle was the main mode of transport in Beijing. Although this is no longer really the case, the bicycle continues to hold an important place in China's history as well as Beijing being one of the most famous cycling cities in the world.

Cafe Serk are organizing a cycling event (not a race) to pay tribute to this simpler time as well as the bicycle's recent revival as a fashion statement. All you need to take part in the ride is a vintage riding outfit such as British Tweed or the classic Mao Suit.

For those of you unsure where to get your gear from, any of the vintage shops in Gulou will have some Tweed for your to rifle through, otherwise, Serk will provide a service where riders can go to the café, try on a suit for size and then they will order it on your behalf from Taobao, to get your suit on time this all needs to be done by April 15th. Anyone keen on recreating the glory days of Beijing’s bicycle culture can take part in this ride no matter what age; the only clause is that you must be dressed up!

Price: RMB70 (pre-registration) RMB100 (on the day) Kids are free but must be accompanied by parents.
Start time : 2pm Workers Gymnasium West Gate
Web address :

Published by bikebeijing on 03/22/2013

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City Weekend Says

City Weekend sponsors this fun ride through one of the world's most famous cycling cities. Inspired by the London Tweed Run, this is a vintage bike run with Chinese characteristics. Pick up a Mao suit (or some tweed) yourself or through hosts Serk and ride your bike through town with the rest of the toffs. RMB100 (door), RMB70 (pre-registration).